Most Expensive Wine Glasses

Nothing compares to the pleasure of drinking wine from an exquisite wine glass,


We love wine, especially because we already learned that it has many health benefits and because it is the perfect reason for socializing and it really helps us to have a phenomenal time out.

Wine is something we drink with elegance and style. It is a drink that imposes class and a graceful attitude and that is why we don’t drink wine from ordinary glasses because it would damage its appearances. Wine must be drank from a glass that impose style, class, high-quality and power.

In this tone let’s take a look at the most expensive wine glasses in the world.

 Kosta Boda is a Swedish glass with a high eccentric aspect perfect for an expensive wine. Kosta Boda is one of the most famous glass producers in the world and they definitely create something unique.


Steklarna Rogaska d.d.  are a manufacturer of Slovenian crystal and they put all their dedication in creating art glasses. These glasses give another definition to aesthetics and elegance. They have a history of 300 years so they definitely know what they’re designing. When you have on of these glasses in your hand is like you hold beauty itself.




Orrefors these glasses will be appreciated by ladies because they have a graceful but full of attitude design which goes perfectly with a powerful lady look. Its name comes from the Lake Orrenas and Orrefors means ” the Orre waterfall” and this glass really gives the impression of a delicate waterfall. Inspiration was found in the amazing Scandinavian forest and because of that, these glasses are the purest on Earth.


Dartington Crystal glasses emanates chicness and delicacy, just the perfect glasses for a white wine. Darlington Crystal is the dominant crystal producer in the UK since 1967. Each glass is handmade and are world-class quality. The producer’s idea of luxury takes the form of a wine glass. On the client list we can mention Rolls Royce, P&O Cruises and Chivas Regal. Here we find the finest combination of classical wine goblets and opulent but elegant red and white wine glasses.


Waterford Crystal A world-wide famous producer is definitely somebody who knows how to design an amazingly beautiful wine glass. This producer creates magic glasses for specific wines such as Pinot Noir, Bordeaux, Chardonnay, Champagne and them most loved Sauvignon Blanc. Equilibrium, beauty and class are the key words for these wine glasses.



Chateau Baccarat are wine glasses which speak about you. Holding a glass of this nature only gives you power and everyone will look at you amazed. These glasses have a fabulous prestige being very expensive. King Louis XV was in love with these beauties. For a wine glass to be created the most talented and finest designers in the world are asked to find the magic potion because these glasses are limited edition and collectors die to have them.



Spiegelau the title of these glasses is actually a synonym with glass. Its owner Fritz Pretzfelder gave this name to his business in 1926. In 2004 the business was bought by Riedel becoming Riedel/Nachtmann/Spiegelau. Thanks to a long history and amazing style, the result is absolutely marvelous.

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Bottega del Vino Crystal glasses which bring Italy in your hands. Because of a powerful love for wine, Severino Barzan wanted to create something famous, a piece of art which remains deep in your mind. He desired to create glasses which will make wine look fabulous and because he only drank expensive fine wines his wish was to design a glass that will encapsulates the beauty of the wine so he created something unique. His glasses are sold around the entire world.


Schott Zwiesel are two brands created by Zwiesel Kristallglass AG, a world-wide famous glass producer who designs art since 1872.  Since 1990 the company uses a high-quality cut glass which is 100% lead oxide free. This producer thinks first of all at the environment but still succeeds in creating the second best quality wine glass on Earth and he keeps receiving awards.


Riedel these glasses are the most expensive and elegant pieces of art you can hold in your hands. Being an Austrian company which creates glasses for over 250 years, we can easily say that the elegance of these marvels is outlandish. Their secret is innovation and creativity. They were the first who introduced the specific glass shapes for specific types of wine. Their intention is to offer an experience of taste which can only occur when you drink your wine from an astonishing glass. In 2000 the “O” series of wine glasses was released and people gone crazy about them.