Most Expensive Watches for Men


In order for a man to feel complete and out of ordinary, he must wear a watch that reflects his masculinity and his strong personality. For a man it is very important that the watch he wears to be the mirror which shows his visions.

That is why men of power will never choose a common watch and they will always search for the greatest.

When a watch is more expensive than a car, it is for sure the watch you need.

The Breguet Marie Antoinette is a watch with history and it is priceless. The price would look like this: $xx.000.000  so you can just imagine why it is so expensive. This exquisite piece was designed By Breguet and it has 823 components. It is more complex than an iPhone.  It is some complex because it has a minute repeater, perpetual calendar, jumping hour, power reserve indicator, equation of tine even a bimetallic thermometer. Its creation lasted for forty-four years. The original was never found again, but Swatch assumed it and quested an Indiana Jones style for this watch. It was reinvented by analyzing the images of the original. This watch it is not for sale, even though has received enormous offers. So if you ever have in mind that this watch must be yours, prepare yourself for offering all you have.



The Patek Caliber 89 it is a marvelous watch. Elegant, manly, stylish. Expresses everything a man of luxury is, and luckily it is for sale and its price is somewhere at $5,120,000 so affordable considering The Breguet Marie Antoinette is priceless.  If you think your phone is modern and alien, this watch is the most complicated watch on Earth. It can even be described because there are so many details a person who doesn’t have knowledge in mechanical engineering will not understand, but this watch has everything. Its design last for almost 8 years and required even chemistry specialists to give their opinion.


Vacheron Tour de l’Ile is a watch for those men who have no limits in wearing luxury.  This watch can be bought by every man who has a strong message to transmit to the world. Its price is $1,250,000 and its manufacturer has 250 years of experience in creating perfection. This watch has more details the the Breguet Marie Antoinette, has tourbillon and two faces.  Let yourself be relished by this watch and show the world what kind of man you are. Be a man of perfection!


Hublot Black Caviar Bang $1 million is a masculine watch with potential for spectacular because its design is unique and fabulous.  It has a case made of 18 karat white gold encrusted with black and white diamonds. This is for sure a luxurious watch and an ordinary man can’t wear it because it has personality of a warrior.


Patek Philippe Super Complication $11 million is a pocket watch created with 18 carat gold. It took five years to be finally done. If you have acquaintances in a trading firms with good reputation that it is possible to be the lucky man who will own such a beauty.


These are the first five most expensive watches for men in the world and they are sure phenomenal creations which will make you look and feel as an alpha.