Most Expensive Sofas in the World

Make sure your living room is decorated with one of these beauties.

most expensive sofas

Details do make a difference, because if we claim comfort and luxury we need to concentrate on the best things in the world, including sofas.

The sofa on which we sit and read or we meditate at our lives, the sofa on which we drink our tea and eat our cake is  part of our day to day life. And because we share so many excruciating moments with our sofa, than we need the best sofa in the world.

Most expensive sofas in the world will blow your mind and visions and  owing one will be your next aim.

 Aston Martin DB6 Couch 7300$ is a modern with some futurist tendencies. This is a limited edition sofa and it was inspired by the back seat of the car which has the same name. It is kinda like a replica of the seats of an 1965 Aston Martin DB6. This is definitely a piece of history and art. Its your choice which color you want it to be.


Padma’s Plantation Loft Sectional – 8200$  this sofa was designed to give you enough space and its scope is to be your favorite place where you relax your body.  It comes with an elegant coffee table and upholsters for your feet. It is designed with frames, elastic springs, white fabric cushions and intricate patterns. It is perfect if you are a visited person because it is large and cosy.


VIG Crocodile Leather Sectional Sofa – 850 this next sofa has a L shape being perfect for a spacious living room. It had been also designed to offer you enough space for 4 persons designed with large hardwood. I think the most astonishing feature is that it was created with crocodile leather, which is more resistant than other materials. It is perfect for living room, dining room or  your library room. It has a beige color different from others and because hard work and many days were spent in order to be perfect, raised its price considerably.

8-VIG-Crocodile-Leather-Sectional-Sofa-Most-Expensive-Sofas-In-The-World-Top-10-Image-Source-sohomod.com_1-1024x633Fabio Leather Cinema Sofa – 9000$ another L shape sofa having exquisite features, this couch wants to offer more than comfort and great relaxing time on it, it wants to offer you love. It is just perfect for a cinema room.  The best part of this couch is that it offers space for small speakers so your home cinema experience will be an authentic one, it also has recliners for feet, a built-in fridge and sublime leather pillows.





The next sofa I personally see it more suitable for an elegant office. The Eames Sofa – 9800$ was designed in 1978 and it supposed to be a complete set. It became famous very fast and today it is very desired. Because of its simple forms and a high class material this sofa is wanted by many businessmen because it really gives a powerful view of the office. The fact that comes with plush padded chairs and chaise lounge is another remarkable detail.



Poltrona Frau Kennedee Curved Sofa – 21200$ you really need to beautify your living room with this marvelous creation. This sofa is a complete set of an armchair and an ottoman designed by the famous interior designer Jean-Marie Massaud. It was launched in 2006 and its aim was to inspire elegance and discretion. This sofa is perfect for large families who love style and who want their living room to be called: the elegant room. The steel feet is created with incredible gunmetal finishes, everything is handmade stitches, a different color, thread material and of course high-class leather.



Michael Jackson’s Sofa – 73.000$ this sofa will really make you look like a king because it is royal after all. This was specially designed for Michael Jackson, so if you are a fan of Michael you will sure want to own this beauty. It can be seen from time to time at Planet Hollywood resort and Casino in Las Vegas. It has gold finishes and dark red cushion and backrest. This sofa reflects royalty and luxury being an unique model in the world.


Plume Blanche Diamond Encrusted Sofa – 184.000$ this is definitely an unique piece of furniture which will look absolutely fantastic in a modern minimal living room. Inspired by French design this sofa is a piece of luxury. A limited edition sofa, made only 50 copies with impressing leather and lacquer finishes, mahogany wood and latex. The details which is so astonishing is that it has real diamonds integrated on it.


Onyx Sofa By Peugeot – 185.000$  well this sofa is something that people of style will surely understand. High-class, custom, luxury and power are the features of this sofa. Peugeot wanted to break the boundaries and they created a sofa. With some help from the designer Pierre Gimbergues they managed to create a hybrid type of furniture. Fiber carbon and Volvic volcanic lava stone are some of the fabulous details of this sofa. When you look at this sofa you see the future. It is a rock formation, an iconic image of the car’s brand. The sofa was created in order to remember the car’s image.

2-Onyx-Sofa-By-Peugeot-Most-Expensive-Sofas-In-The-World-Top-10-Image-Source-gcouture.de_-1024x682Ron Arad Stainless Steel Sofa – 300.000$ an outstanding sofa which seems to be from the future. It is only showcased at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. This w-shape sofa was created in order to really look like the w-letter.

It is made from solid steel and it is very popular because of its lines, shapes. The architect Ron Arad says about it that it is more than furniture, it is pure art. Because of its unusual shape this sofa is definitely something for eccentric people.