Most expensive Sandals


When you are a woman who wants to explore every possibility of being the most beautiful and most appreciated, you have to invest in your appearance no matter what. Beauty comes with a price, literally a price.

Even when we are talking about your car, or your bag which we know that it must be made by a creative designer, clothes which must reflect your fashion vision and of course your shoes which if there weren’t for them, women’s life would had no sense at all.

In summer is about sandals, but what kind of sandals? Well it must be about the most expensive sandals because women of power can’t underestimate luxury. It must be tasted with all its flavors.

The most expensive sandals in the world are decorated with diamonds, have golden heels, rubies and sapphires details on them. The designer Stuart Weitzman is the person who’s in charge of the most expensive sandals in the world with an exceptional vision for the ladies’ feet. He designed sandals made of gold, silver and invaluable silks. His creations are made especially for great events like the Red Carpet, or expensive private parties.

Here are some examples of the most expensive sandals Weitzman created.

Diamond Dream Stilettos are $500.000 and are distinguished. They were selected as one of the most finely crafted pair of sandals ever created in the world. The jewelry Kwiat was named to collaborate with the designer in order to have an exceptional final result. 1,420 colorless diamonds are decorating these pair of sandals, weighing 30 carats each. The sandals were worn by celebrities at Oscars and can’t be worn by women without attitude and elegance.

diamond dreamstiletos

Platinum Guild cost $ 1.09 million,a price which for sure encapsulates the beauty of these sandals. But these money can’t be spent if you want to wear these sandals at a common party. A huge event must be the host of these sandals because they have 463 round cut pear shaped diamonds on them looking as they were made of glass. The gemstones are set on bands made of platinum. Wear these beauties like you were the queen of the world.


Borgezie Stilettos created by Christopher Shellis, at a price of $319.460. These shoes are ensured for 1,000 years so your granddaughter can wear them too. The jewelry expert and shoe designer Christopher Michael Shellis asked for goldmiths experts an opinion in how he should design a gold pair of sandals. Yes this pair is made of purely gold with 2,200 diamonds encrusted on them. Well ladies if you want to be a golden woman, wear sandals made of gold.


Rita Hayworth Sandals created by Weitzman worth $3 million. So yes, beauty has a price, but when you wear these sandals is like you attend a party in Heaven.  These heels are full of class and elegance because they were inspired by the actress Rita Hayworth. You find everything on these sandals: diamonds, rubies, sapphire. You have to wear them as the queen inside you, would wear them.


Wearing a pair of sandals can be an art from now on!