Most Expensive Perfumes for Women

Most expensive perfumes for women are definitely something which must be understood. You can't just wear a perfume, you need no understand it.

most expensive perfume for women

Ladies please make sure you never get out of the house without perfuming yourselves and make sure you choose the essence which is more suitable for the occasion or even for your outfit.

An important detail about perfumes is that you buy natural aromas with less or not at all alcohol because your skin suffers enormously if the perfume isn’t high quality that is why you should always buy the most luxurious and expensive perfumes, this way you won’t fail.

Here are the most expensive perfumes for women:

A fresh and full of energy perfume, perfect for a cocktail or a walk in the town is  Annick Goutal Eau d’Hadrien for $441.18 per ounce. This perfume appeared in 1981 and it can be used both by women and men having a fresh fragrance made with natural ingredients such as lemon, mandarin orange, Sicilian lemon, grapefruit, citron, cypress, aldehydes and event extracts from a plant which grows in Madagascar named Ylang Ylang. 3,4 ml bottle was sold with $1,500. This marvelous perfume was presented at the FIFI Awards in 2008.


JAR Bolt of Lightning  for $765 per ounce, this perfume was designed by a jeweler named Joel A. Rosenthal. This perfume is so special and unique because every bottle is hand cut and designed. The image of this perfume can be materialized in the fresh smell of the air after a storm. The fragrance is a combination of oriental flowers: Mature flowers, ripe fruit, tuberose, musk, fresh plants, green notes. It is definitely a perfume which will make you feel brand new. Make sure you wear it at a graceful dress.


Joy by Jean Patou is an elegant perfume bottled in a stylish full of grace bottle. This perfume reaches $800 dollars and it is a rarity of combination of ingredients, modern trends and a distinguished bottle design. This perfume goes perfect at a classy party.


If you ladies want a perfume that not only smells magnificent but its bottle is more a jewelry that  Caron Poivre for $1,000 per ounce is something you really need to experience. Caron perfumes are among the world’s most illustrious perfumes. The aroma it is said to be one of the most extravagant a person ever tried. It is designed bot for women and men, it is bottled in a Baccarat priceless stone container having a white-gold neckline. The fragrances are special being a combination of dark and red pepper with insights of clove. This is definitely a powerful perfume.


Hermès 24 Faubourg – $1,500 per ounce is a perfume with which you can’t fail when you step out of the house. The fabulous perfumer Maurice Roucel designed this perfume, having a different, unique aroma and only 1000 containers were made. The vase is made from a precious stone and at the end of the process it must look graceful and feminine. The fragrance is a vast mixture of flowers, light, sun, orange bloom, jasmine, tiare blossom, patchouli, Ylang, iris, vanilla, sandalwood and ambergris. Yes lady you will feel more sophisticated and delicate wearing this fragrance.


Clive Christian No. 1, $2,150 per ounce  is a luxurious perfume which must be worn at special occasions such as red carpet or a private party. An extravagant perfume for extravang women, this perfume radiates with lavishness. Floral Oriental is the assortment for ladies, and the container of this perfume is designed from precious stone and it is decorated with a 1/3 carat jewel on the neck so wearing this perfume will be an art. Flavors such as common gum pitch and bergamot, orris and vanilla, sandalwood and ylang make this perfume fabulous.

6Chanel Grand Extrait – $4,200 per ounce. Chanel remains on top 5 being one of the most desired perfumes ever created. This is one of the most famous perfumes in the world being often associated with luxury, extravagance and style. Its aromas were discovered in 1921 by the perfumer Ernest Beaux. Specialists say that this aroma is the rarest and authentic fragrance on the planet. The jug of this perfume is made by the most distinguished glass-makers and each year are made a limited number of pieces. Rose and jasmine aromas are encountered in this unique perfume.

Baccarat Les LarmesSacrees de Thebes,  $6,800 per ounce dear gentlemen if you want your ladies to be forever in love with you try to give them as a gift this perfume. The smell and the jug of this perfume are something unimaginable. Bacarrat creates the most stylish, sophisticated gem crystals and it is one of the greatest bottle artisan. This perfume is one of the rarest in the world.



Clive Christian No. 1 Imperial Majesty Perfume – $12,721.89 per ounce. This perfume is magic, is Heaven, is perfection is something we dream at night and at day, is everything. You can find this perfume even in the Guiness Book of World Records as being the most pricey perfume on Earth. This perfume is similar with Clive Christian no.1 but has a phenomenal bottle. It contains 16.9 aromas, made via Baccarat, it is designed with a 5 carat white precious stone and yes it has a 18-carat robust gold neckline. This perfume must be in every luxurious collection of a woman.


DKNY Golden Delicious Million Dollar Fragrance Bottle, $1 million.  This is the most expensive perfume in the world for women and it is full of historical background. This perfume is bottled in a 14-karat yellow and white gold container, beautified with 183 yellow sapphires, 2,700 white precious stones, a 1,6 carat turquoise Paraiba tourmaline, a 7.18 carat oval Cabochon sapphire from Sri Lanka, 15 pink jewels, a 4-rose cut precious stone, a 3.07 carat oval cut ruby, a 4.03 carat pear shape rose cut jewel and a 2.43 carat yellow Canary precious stone.  So 2,099 valuable stone are making this bottle unique in the world. There is only one bottle in the world!