Most Expensive Men’s shirt


Every man knows the importance of an impeccable wardrobe. The perfect suit is the quintessential of the modern man and the attention to detail should be present in every aspect of one’s look. The shirt is the base, it can actually make or break a suit so it needs to be perfect. Perfection however doesn’t come cheap, when it comes to splurging, let’s just see what is the most expensive men’s shirt in the world.

Eton is a brand that started in 1928 in Sweden with the couple David and Annie Pettersson.  Annie was sewing dresses at the time and her small business was going pretty well. After the great depression and loss of his job, her husband, David joined the business and together they oriented theirs craftsmanship to the design of high quality men’s shirts. At first they called the new business Syfabriken Special and all the family was working together, by 1938 the factory was quite big and occupied a whole building. In 1944 the brand has strongly oriented towards the best quality materials and perfection in the design. Soon after, the new, now famous, name ”Eton” is given to the brand (the name is after a small town in England). The company grew and moved to a bigger more modern factory, the number of employees was also growing and activities oriented to the well being of the workers were a priority. By the late 50’s the success was growing abroad and the brand is starting to be famous all over the world. Since then the brand has gone to some good and bad times but the quality of the shirts was just getting better and the brand became synonymous with high quality.

The great history of the Eton brand is quite impressive and after more than 85 years of experience, is no surprise that they can make some of the best shirts in the market, innovative designs, fabrics and retail strategies. They also have the most expensive men’s shirt in the world.2008_bigThis shirt was made to celebrate 80 years of Eton. It’s a dress shirt made from the finest Egyptian cotton with diamonds on the buttons and cufflings. This luxurious shirt was already sold at an auction with $45,000 and all the money was donated to The Great Ormond Children’s Hospital.