Most Expensive Halloween Costumes in the World

Take a look at these most expensive Halloween costumes in the world!


It would be very interesting to see which are some of the most expensive Halloween costumes in the world and see if they are suitable for our tastes and visions.

These costumes are iconic figures which are famous around the world. Seems that people really like being strange appearances for Halloween.

If you are a Darth Vader lover you must know that one of the most expensive costume in the world is an accurate remake of the real Darth Vader followers. This would cost you ($999.99. The costume comes with molder armor, a collection edition mask and black gloves.

darth vade follower halloween costume gulf luxury

Realistic Batman Costume- Price: $1999.99+. Batman is much more loved that Darth Vader and people want to be a flying bat very much. A fancy cool party will appreciate this costume extremely much. An iconic figure since 1939 Batman is a character really appreciated at Halloween parties. This is an accurate replica. The leather jacket costs $1250, the replica masks $425, the utility belt $300, original cape, boot, let protectors and original gloves.

batcostume-halloween-alux-gulf luxury

The Alien Predator is another wee desired costume because it really gives you chills and nightmares. A horror spooky real costume imagining a dangerous specie. This costume costs $1,700, including two torso pieces and it is ready to wear.

alien predator halloween costume gulf luxury

Minotaur Narnia costume who served the White Witch, this costume costs $3.900. The costume comes with horns and a crossbow.

narnia minotaur gulf luxury halloween costumes

Morphsuit costume with a price of $1,6 million. This a luxurious diamond-covered $1.6 million dollar suit. This costume will make you a walking glitter ball which comes in more shapes: Red Power Ranger Morphsuit, Werewolf Morphsuit, and a Beating Heart Zombie Morphsuit.

morphsuit halloween costume gulf luxury