Most expensive digital cameras

The film photography left room for some amazing and expensive digital cameras


Digital photography has become a popular activity for many people. Some are exceptional artists that take stunning photographs from all of the world,  photos of wildlife or high fashion. Other photographers have it more of a hobby and don’t really care about making money or being famous. Either way all people passionate about photography usually spend a lot of time, energy and especially money on their equipment. The most expensive digital cameras out there are a dream for every photographer and if you are lucky enough to put your hands on one of these cameras chances are that you will take some awesome photos because in this case expensive means high quality.

The most important things in photography are the artistic eye, technique and the subject, this are the first things you need to master. After that it comes the camera. A good camera will help you get sharp images of your subject. The more quality you want in the image the more expensive the gear you need.

One of the most expensive digital cameras on the market is Canon EOS 1D Mark III – $12,000. This is also one of the most popular cameras for many professionals because of it’s speed and clear 10.1 megapixels images.Canon EOS 1D Mark III

The Leica S2-P – $30,000 has 37.5 megapixels and it’s water resistant. The ideal camera for travel because it’s one of the best for outdoor photography and can be used for a large variety of subjects and in all kinds of weather conditions.Leica S2-P

Panoscan MK-3 Panoramic – $40,000 , this camera is not for the regular consumer, it’s actually used especially in police and military investigations and in tactical mapping. It offers a 360 degrees images in just 8 seconds.Panoscan MK-3 Panoramic

Phase One P65+ Digital Back Medium Format with 645 DF – $40,000, a camera that can produce very high quality images of 15 megapixels even at a ISO of 3200.It can be attached to the 645 DF body by Mamiya.Phase One P65+ Digital Back Medium Format with 645 DFSeitz 6×17 Panoramic – $43,000, it has 160 million pixels and can capture up to 300 megabytes of data every second. The camera can be used in a variety of situations when you want to capture a lot of space in the best quality possible.Seitz 6×17 Panoramic

Hasselblad H4D 200MS – $45,000 is the most expensive camera in the world and also the best quality one. It has 200 million pixels that makes an amazing image that no other camera can produce. Its sensor moves one and a half sensors at a time and then it takes six shots, the result being a perfect shot.hasselblad_h4d200ms