Most Expensive Coffee Beans in the World

Coffee is what we all need!


Everybody drinks coffee. Coffee is like the most wanted  drink in the world, having magic powers, some people call it a potion for life.

But caffeine is cataloged as a drug and as experts show, it is the most consumed psychoactive drug. We can find it in anything from food, drinks and pills. Without coffee world’s economy would collapse.   

Over 70 countries in the world, cultivate coffee and almost every single country in the world consumes it. Coffee is an iconic symbol for socialization. It has digestive qualities and it is also a stimulant. There are hundreds of types of coffee each of them being produced with different methods. There are for sure some myths and stories about world’s coffee.

Let’s find out which are the most expensive coffee beans in the world:

Coffee Yauco Selecto AA, Puerto Rico: $24/lb. It is brought from Puerto Rico being very important for the world’s economy. It is extremely rich in flavors and aromas combining natural elements with human’s techniques of processing it. Because in Puerto Rico rains a lot, this coffee grows amazingly tasty. Because of it nutrient clay soil, this fabulous coffee gains a specific taste. What is amazing about these beans is that they offer you a combination of buttery flavors including some chocolate tones. Let’s have a coffee!


Starbucks Rwanda Blue Bourbon: $24/lb. Everybody heard about Starbucks and everyone goes there in order to experience Starbucks flavors. This is a combination of Coffee Arabica, and Rwanda is something sublime. The climate really helps it be so amazing. It is a show of flavors: acidic, black cherry with butter melt blend and some scents of spiced nut. It is just amazingly tasty. Next time you order o coffee make sure you point at this one.


Mi Esperanza Coffee,Honduras:  $35/lb.  This coffee is the leader of the coffee producers in Central America. Many international buyers fight for this extraordinary coffee and that is why its price is always growing. This coffee’s natural qualities and flavors of fruits, nuts, chocolate and spices make it so desirable and loved. People who drink it know that the taste left by its flavor is just amazing.


Los Planes, El Salvador: $40/lb. This coffee has a very complex process of cultivation. It is cultivated in the depth of the mountainous region of Chalatenango, El Salvador. In 2006 it was the second excellent coffee in the world and in 2011 it was the sixth. A sweet flavor of caramel and brown sugar make this coffee phenomenal. Coffee lovers will understand its magic when they will taste it.


Blue Mountain,Jamaica: $49/lb. Jamaica offers only incredible products including a lovely coffee. This coffee has a powerful reputation among coffees being labeled as excellent and everyone wants to drink it in the morning. More than 80% of this coffee arrives in Japan every year. These beans are grown at 5,000 ft above sea level, because the rainfall there is the best for giving it amazing flavors. There is nothing wilder than this coffee.


Fazenda Santa Ines, Brazil: $50/lb. This coffee’s synonym is tradition. Everything about this coffee’s making process surrounds tradition. Its quality is unbelievable. A fertile soil and natural mineral water give this coffee a powerful aroma. Everything is natural, its process, its flavors that is why you will feel  rich flavors of berry and smooth caramel.


Molokai Coffee Hawaii: $51/lb Hawaii coffee is something which will revolutionize your tastes. From the US states, Hawaii has the only climate and sail conditions perfect for growing coffee. There is a vast collection of coffees, including Molokai which is an organic one, having floral aromas, caramel taste and a bitter-sweet berry flavors all combined with a mildly acidic and chocolate perfume. It is very rare and coffee lovers fight for it.

Hawaii is said to be the only state in the US with a climate and soil conditions ideal for growing coffee. It comes as no surprise that they have a variety of world-renowned coffees. One of them is the Moloka‘i coffee produced by Coffees of Hawaii on a 500 acre plantation located in Kualapu’u, Maui County. It is sold for  $102 for 2 lbs. or $51 per pound.



St. Helena Coffee, St. Helena  :  $79/lb Napoleon Bonaparte was in love with this coffee and  wanted to make it popular himself. Since then this coffee is more and more tasty and rich in flavors.  It is more than high-quality and some floral flavors including scents of citrus. This coffee is a spectacle so make sure you drink at least once in your life.

st helena coffee



Luwak Coffee, Indonesia: $160/lb. this coffee is medicine for your body and mind. But what makes it so unique is the fact that the process of making it takes place inside of an civet. This animal eats the coffee cherries and lets the coffee beans in its feces. Because of the enzymes emitted by the civet the taste of the product is something sublime despite it process. Its price says everything about the taste everyone in the world desires and dreams about. Would you taste it?


Hacienda La Esmeralda,Panama: $350.25/lb. And at last the most expensive coffee in the entire world  it is something that even Gods desire. This is the best coffee in the world since 2004. It is growing at the shade of Guava trees, being cultivated in small quantities for a richer aroma. Everyone should have the pleasure to taste this coffee while they are on Earth because it is one of the top 10 things to taste while you live.



These are the most expensive coffee beans in the World and I really hope for each of you to have the pleasure to enjoy a coffee made with these beans. Coffee is a magic experience!