Most Expensive Classic Cars

Cars are air for those who really know how such a car must be appreciated.

expensive classic cars

Men, after air, their most important thing to survive is a car. Not necessarily to drive it, but to own it because  cars for men are like jewelry for ladies.

So If you are getting closer to understand why cars are so important, now you are ready to see which are the most expensive classic cars and what prices do they have, maybe one of these is yours.

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Most expensive classic cars are not just unbelievably collectible items they are pieces of history.

Mercedes-Bens 38/250 SSK, only 30-35 were ever produced and the price for this car at an auction reached $7.4 million. This car has that historical background I was talking about. It is surely shorter and smaller than the cars which were also made in that period but SSK stands for Super Sport Kurz, so this little one had its secret powers. This piece of collection, was the last car Ferdinand Porsche designed for Mercedes-Benz right before he left the company to start its own. Despite being small, the engine is impressive: 7.1 liter supercharged powerplant.

George Milligen became the 11th  owner of this beauty back in 1941. He kept the car until he died at the age of 94. It was never restored and had nearly all its original parts. In 2004 was sold at an auction and we can only hope its new owner is taking good care of it.

expensive classic car

1937 Bugatti  Type 57SC Atalante, only 11 were produced and one of them was sold at an auction with $7.9 million. Bugatti is famous for its phenomenal automobiles, especially that they are incredible in racing, but Bugatti also created some remarkable road-going cars. This Type 57SC Atalante is an interesting unusual car with a swooping roof and fenders and riveted body panels. Only two cars were built in this design. The SC has a supercharged 3.3 liter straight-eight cylinder engine, with 170 horsepower.

Has an upgraded chassis for a better handling and balance. Some people say this was the first supercar in the world. In 2008 at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, this beauty was sold.

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1937 Mercedes-Benz 540K Special Roadster, 26 were produced and one of them was sold with $8.2 million at an auction. With gasoline-powered automobile, invented by Karl Benz, Mercedes-Benz became famous for the pinnacle of engineering. As a result the brand produced phenomenal cars and this Mercedes Benz 540K wasn’t an exception. It has 5.2 meter, two-seat convertible with pre-war styling like the swooping fenders, big headlights and a tire mounted on the truck.

This was an exclusive car and this type  was created with the intention of being sold only for Europe’s political and financial elite. It features a 5.4 liter straight-eight cylinder engine with 180 horsepower.

expensive classic cars

1962 Ferrari 330 TRI/LM, only ONE was ever produced and it was sold for $9.3 million at an auction. The last two letters stand for Le Mans ( The 24 hours of Le Mans). The day-long race being the oldest endurance race and one of the most difficult. Ferrari is a well known figure at this race.

This was was driven by Phil Hill and Olivier Genderbien, featuring a 4 liter V-12 with 400 horsepower. This is the last front-engine racing car built be Ferrari and the last front-engine car which won Le Mans.


1931 Bugatti Type 41 Royale Kellner, only 6 were produced and one of them was sold with $9.8 million at an auction. This is an exclusive, luxury-laden and fastest automobiles on the planet. It was designed by the visionary Italian engineer Ettore Bugatti and it featured light bodies, enormous engines and an exotic appearance. Sadly, they didn’t survive World War II. This type 41 Royale Kellner has 12.5 liter straight-eight engine, which remains the largest engine ever put in a privately-sold car. Everything else is also big, the wheelbase is more than 15 feet in length. Sadly it was built in an era of Great Depression so people could’t appreciate it at its best.

This particular one, was hidden after a false wall to save it from the war. In 1987 was sold for $10 million and today being revived by The Volkswagen Group and it is capable of a speed of more than 250 miles per our.

Expensive classic cars1961 Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Sypder, there were 50 cars created and one of them was sold for $10.9 million. This car appeared in the movie “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”. This car is not gorgeous it’s majestic. It is that classic beauty of the sports car with a long hood, two seats and a drop top. It had 3.0 liter SOHC V-12 with 280 horsepower and a four speed manual transmission.

It was the property of the actor James Coburn for 20 year but at an RM Auction in 2008, it was bought by Chris Evans, a British TV and radio presenter.

expensive classic car

1957 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa, with only 22 ever produces, one of them was sold for $12.1 million. This car appeared in sever TV Series Miami Vice, being a rare and exotic car. This marvel race in many important contests of speed, including one I’ve already mentioned The 24 Hours of Le Mans. It has a 3-liter, 300 horsepower, V-12 engine with an 8.000 rpm redline. It is remarkable for a car built in 1950s. In 1958 this beauty won 4 of 6 races at the Wolrd Sports Car Championship for Constructors.

This car is very rare and according to Ferrari is:

 “Not only is the performance breathtaking, but the view over the bonnet when driving is simply one of the best in the world “

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