Most Expensive Belts In the World

Luxury is now defined by belts!


Dear gentlemen, everybody knows that belts are an important accessory for your look.

Because men of power and class will always choose the most luxurious belts with the most classy suits here is a list of the most expensive belts in the world which will really impress you.

Every woman will admire a man who dresses with class so take into consideration these stylish designer belts.

Everybody know Louis Vuitton and his marvelous creations. This Louis Vuitton 40MM Crocodile Belt is something spectacular. Being a luxurious and expensive brand this belt will do the trick. This belt is made of skin crocodile and the logo is made from pure leather. Its price is $3. 500 and the style of the buckle puts it on the list of the most luxurious waistband in the world. You must choose to wear it at a formal look.


Hermes Entriviere is a true beauty. Hermes is one of the most famous brands in the world always reflecting quality and class. Designed with pure leather and an astonishing buckle attached to it. Rich class and people who live luxury as a routine will really feel this belt. A classic style which emanates power with a price of $ 5.100. Also made of crocodile leather very expensive and of a incredible quality.


Selfridges & Co Gold Belt is a belt that makes you feel royal. This belt really talks about luxury. People consider it one of the most luxurious piece of work in what concerns belts. The buckle it is created with pure gold, and the entire belt is made with pure leather. The price of this incredible creation is $ 32.000.


Roland Iten Calibre R822 this belt will definitely gain you. With a futuristic modern look this impressive belt costs $84.000 made of precious 14 carat diamonds this belt really knows its power. This amazing belt was designed together with Roland and Bugatti. There is nothing you can compare this belt with having the best finish belt in the world. It is often called the predator machine belt. Pure steel and rose gold make it even more precious.


The most expensive belt in the world is designed by the well known Gucci. Republica Fashion`s Gucci 30 carat Diamond. Yes this belt is made from 30 carat diamond. Relish your eyes and soul with this magnificent creation that cost $249.000. Dear gentlemen you won’t fail if you choose to wear this unique beauty and hurry up because it is made in limited number being considered a masterpiece. Its elegance and class puts it on the first place on the most incredible best product made by men.