Most Creative Buildings in the World

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I have a weakness for creative things and I thing you’ve already noticed this. We saw some of the most interesting pools in the world, some of the most interesting Starbucks around the world and many more.

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Today we are going to take a look at some of the most creative buildings in the world which should obviously be visited and pictured. Beside being outlandishly creative and spectacular, these building are the perfect reason to take a break from everything stressful and have a new expedition.

  • Piano House: This phenomenal building is located in Anhui province of China. You will enter in a transparent violin where you will find the staircase. It seems that for some the dream house takes shape of a piano and a violin.
  • Solar Furnace: France already convinced us with its numerous tourist attractions and many other marvels that enrich our lives. It seems that it is also present in this top of the most creative building in the world with a Solar Furnace, located in Odeillo.
  • Rotating Tower:Dubai strikes once again with an absolutely remarkable building that enchants everyone’s hearts. This building really reflects imagination, innovation and a lot of work and patience.

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  • Robot Building: We know that Thailand, especially Bangkok is full of innovative places to visit, including this Robot Building that houses the United Overseas Bank’s Bangkok headquarters.
  • Basket Building: USA dreams too much of picnics so it decided to create a Basket Building in Ohio. It is a 7-story corporate headquarters of the Longaberger Basket Company. When you step inside you will see an atrium that soars up to a glass ceiling.

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So you now have brand new ideas for what to visit on your next free days. Make sure you do some photos and send them to us.