Luxury Tour Bus

Explore life from another level of luxury!


It’s time to see this world from a totally different perspective and because we love extravagance and uniqueness let’s explore world’s marvels from a luxury tour bus which will definitely change our visions and perspectives.

If you are bored with private jets, luxurious cars or cruises and you want something special and new, try a luxury tour bus. You’ll have an entire bus only for your and the persons you choose to take with you in the trip and you will see that this experience will put an incredible print on your live. It will be an adventure.

The most expensive bus in the world will do this for your. 

This bus I am talking about was designed to reflect extravagance and lavishness. Glamour is the key word for this beauty. Designed specially for the Prince Sultan Bin Fahd of Saudi Arabia, this bus is something we dream of at night.

This is the world’s most expensive bus and it inspires luxury lifestyle and visions and only the wealthiest and richest persons are allowed to experience it because only them will understand the feeling it gives you.

It kinda looks like a luxury hotel on wheels which allows you to enjoy marvelous landscapes and views while you drink an expensive glass of champagne.

The furniture selected for this wonder is unbelievable luxurious and elegant. It almost makes you think if it is really possible to decorate a bus with such furniture.

The dashboard is entirely made of high-class leather.


As you can see, the interior of this bus is about class and style. It is perfectly chosen for comfort. You will never want to step off this bus.


The living room is the perfect place for you to start feeling royal and to realize that this lifestyle only comes if you really feel it.


A five star bedroom will do the trick. Who else in the world can say that he or she goes to sleep in a luxurious bedroom of a luxurious bus?


And the bathroom is the place where luxury really takes shape. There is nothing you can compare it. Everything is high-quality and every detail has its importance.


This bus will take you to another level of luxury and it is up to you if you will start feeling royal, but believe me, it’s impossible not to feel like this.

Start enjoying luxury at its really style.