Luxury taxi in Dubai

In Dubai there's no other way to travel in style than to get a luxury taxi, let yourself indulge in a glamorous ride.


A taxi is very useful in a multitude of situations. If you are a visitor or even a resident, taxis are a definitely a thing to take into consideration. But if we are talking of Dubai, you can’t just take any taxi, you have to try a luxury taxi. There’s nothing more comfortable than having a ride in a fancy car with a chauffeur that knows exactly where to take you and he makes sure you get there on time and with style.

Luxury taxi is available in Dubai in many locations, you can take a taxi from the airport or from your front door, you just have to call them. Depending on you needs you can call any type of luxury car you want, from the latest models of sports cars to an extravagant limousine, they have it all,

The Dubai Taxi Corporation is the biggest taxi corporation in Dubai, it offers a multitude of services for any needs. It has a long history and many years of experience in giving their clients the smoothest ride. They have taxis for everybody, including a luxury taxi service, VIP Taxi. Wit this exclusive service you have the most comfortable rides, lavish cars and privacy. They have 20 black vehicles, ten 2012 Infiniti M37 and ten 2012 Lexus S350 that you can order with a phone call or you can also find them at the Terminal 3 in Dubai International Airport. Infiniti-M37-luxury-taxi

Connection Chauffeurs Dubai is a company that has a lot to offer in terms of transportation. Besides the car rentals they offer chauffeur drives, it’s like a taxi but much more sumptuous. With this service you can choose from the selection of cars they have and even limos. For a very luxurious ride you can have a Rolls Royce Phantom, Maybach 57 or a Bentley Flying Spur, these cars can be rented by the hour with a chauffeur. And for even more luxury they have some impressive stretch limos  including the Dodge Challenger 8 Pax Limo and the Cadillac 14 Pax Limo. Cadillac 14 Pax LimoNo mater the company you decide on, a luxury taxi will bring you the most comfort for short rides. With beautiful cars and relaxing interiors, the ride will be smooth and definitely worth it.  Dodge Challenger 8 Pax Limo interior