Luxury Pens Brands


For some people a pen is just a pen and don’t give much thought to it but the truth is that luxury pens can be a great useful accessory. We use it every day and, especially for men, a pen should be a statement piece to show you taste for quality and fine things.

There are a few types of pens and you can chose either one of them. So, no mater if you prefer a classic fountain pen, the reliable ballpoint or roller-ball or maybe the modern gel pen, the most important thing is quality. There are a few prestigious brands that offer high quality luxury pens, you can’t go wrong with any of them.

Montblanc is probably one of the most famous brands. This German manufacturer made it’s first pen back in 1909, they call it Rouge et Noir. In 1910 they made the pen that later give the company name The Montblanc. Sine then, the company has became one of the best in luxury pens with the Meisterstück being their most iconic model. Their logo is a 6 point white star. Over the years they also had some limited editions like pens adorned in diamonds and other precious gems or Montblanc Writers Edition that commemorates each year a different writer. Montblanc also donates parts of its proceeds to UNICEF.

montblanc_meisterstuck-90-years-collection2Waterman pen company is one of the oldest in the business. Established in 1884 in New York, Waterman offered innovations in the pen manufacturing and high quality even from the beginning. Early on they used 14 carats gold nibs and many of them are still in use to this day. Vintage Waterman pens are relatively easy to find because of the big production and reliable quality. waterman1b Caran d’Ache, a Swedish company founded in 1915 is specialized in luxury pens and other writing instruments. The Swiss craftsmanship and attention to detail made this company one of the most prestigious.  13.jpgS.T. Dupont Paris is another luxury brand that manufactures not only pens but also luxury lighters and perfumes among other accessories. Ever since the start in 1872, the brand has offered high quality and splendor in all of the accessories.ST-dupont-Samourai Faber-Castell is the world biggest and oldest pen manufacturing company. Established in 1761 in Germany this brand makes all sorts of writing equipment, art supplies and luxury pens.

Graf Von Faber Castell 2012 Pen of the Year

Some other luxury pens brands worth mentioning are : Jack Row Pens, Markiaro Pens, Montegrappa, Porsche Pens and Visconti.