Luxury of taste in Dubai

Luxury food on wedding table. Catering

Dubai is famous for its restaurants and its flavors. A wealthy person will always look for the most incredibile places to eat, because food is pleasure. In Dubai everything is about taste. But not any taste, but the finest taste, that is why traditional food remains the best, because it is made with passion, history and love for the finest.

The most wanted dishes are a combination of Gulf and Middle Easter cuisuine, with Iranian, Lebanese and Arabic flavors. Nothing can go wrong when you have all these in your plate.

Luxury of taste is what you search while you are in Dubai and the good news is that you’ll find it with no troubles.

1.Stuffed Camel is a dish served in the Bedouin ceremonies and in the elite classes in Dubai. Some people say that it is impossible for the human to cook something like this, because it is magic on the plate. Is luxury beyond luxury and it even appeared in Guiness Book of World records as one of the most intriguing dish ever. Chicken,sheep, eggs and fish all of these put in a camel spiced with all kind of oriental spicery.  It is something you can’t miss in this life on Earth!


  1. Al Harees is a United Arab Emirates, invention which is extremely important to taste while you are in Dubai, because nobody will do it like it is done here. It is an elegant though simple food, made in hours for an extraordinary taste. Made with salt and meat all mixt in a big pot, its preparation lasts until everything gains the most perfect color, texture and of course taste. Than it is put to backing for several hours. The flavors are rich and incredible. Everything that is cooked for so many hour must be heavenly.2518995047
  2. Falafel is one of the most popular dish in Arab East and it has style. In Israel is something called an ordinary snack because it is so fascinating that you want to eat it at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some people argue that nothing can beat this dish. An alien version of French fries at which you add Arabic colorto, it is a combination of chickpeas and diversified spices.sunrise_falafel-plate
  3. The well-known Humus is a healthy dish originated from Arabia. The combination of chickpeas, olive oil, tahini pasta, fresh lemon juice, garlic and salt is breathtaking. After you eat, you will want to eat more and when you arrive home, you will go back for another dish. It is served with hot bread and it goes perfect as a snack or appetizer. You can eat it with everything because its taste is so good that nothing can make it feel bad.MTMxNTk1NDc2Nzg4MTAzMTc4

5.Matchbous a recipe of lamb from the excellent Arabic cuisine, it is an exotic dish which will leave the impression that you just tasted Heaven. It is very spicy for those who have the heart to eat it. A magical combination of flavors, cooked with passion this is something you want to eat if your visions are eccentric.foodimage

6.Everybody heard at least once about Shawarma. This is the most eaten food in Dubai and its popularity is known in Asia as well. Made with chicken or lamb and colored with fresh vegetables, fries and garlic sauce this food is something you must try if you want to really feel in Dubai. Gourmands say that this food goes spectacular with a strawberry juice so let’s have a food adventure.shawarma2

  1. Ghuzi it is found in every elegant and extravagant restaurant in Dubai. A full lamb is roasted perfectly accompanied by a beautiful top of rice and healthy vegetables and what makes it exquisite are the nuts which give the whole recipe another lever of taste. Next time you are in a restaurant mention this title Ghuzi and you will walk out the happiest person alive.ghuzi

8.Esh asarya also known as “The bread of the Heaven” is something you might as well know as a cheesecake with a creamy topping.  This is one of the most popular deserts in Dubai, with an astonishing, utopic taste. After you eat this desert you’ll fall in love for sure with life in Dubai.a0257af6-41e4-4be3-9bdd-fa6100775618-esh asarya

  1. Mehalabiya is a pudding desert, refreshing and full of energy that is considered in Dubai as something which gives sense to life. A magnificent desert which everybody admires must be tasted by people who know how to make a difference between good and sublime.mahalabiya_FPM9703-as-Smart-Object-1

10.Tabouleh is for those who don’t eat meat.  An exhilarating salad made of fresh tomatoes, green onions and cucumber combined with fresh mint and lemon juice. After eating this you’ll find yourself healthier and you’ll have energy for everything.



Just enjoy the luxury of taste in Dubai and feel free to try everything, because everything here means elegance, flavors and magic.