Luxury jets owned by celebrities

These celebrities own some of the most extravagant jets


Usually celebrities are very rich and being very rich they buy some luxurious stuff. Big houses, fancy cars, yachts and of course private jets, you just can’t go wrong with buying a luxury jet. Celebrities travel a lot and they need their comfort and freedom so a jet is a perfect choice, a private airplane gives you the chance to go pretty much wherever you want whenever you want. Here are some of the most impressive luxury jets own by celebrities.

Tom Cruise own a Gulfstream IV that is worth about $36 million. This elegant jet made by Gulfstream Aerospace, has room for 19 people, it is managed by two pilots, has a range of 7,820 km and has two Rolls Royce engines with a speed of Mach 0.80.Gulfstream-IV-e1328520375165Jay-Z has Bombardier Challenger 850 Learjet, the jet is worth $40 million. When you take into consideration that Jay-Z is a lot of the time on tours, this jet makes perfect sense. Its interior is like an apartment, it has a kitchen, bedroom, two bathrooms and a spacious living room. It’s also very luxurious, the furniture is made from high quality leather and other expensive materials. Bombardier Challenger 850 LearjetJim Carrey has a Gulfstream V. The Gulfstream V is almost as fast as the sound. This jet is not only super fast but also one of the safest jets in the world. Jim Carrey and another 15 of his friends and family members can get to any location in no time. We don’t know how much Jim paid for this luxury jet but the prices for this model are around $30 million. Gulfstream V jim carreyJohn Travolta and his Boeing 707-138. The 60 year old actor own other 4 planes, he’s very passionate about aircraft, he has a license since 1998 and he’s also a honorary pilot for Qantas, an Australian aircraft company. His luxurious jet is actually a modified version of the Boeing 707-138 passengers airplane. We don’t know how much it cost but we are assuming a lot. The jet is kept at his residence in Florida and whenever he and his family need to go somewhere, the jet and the pilot are ready to go. 	john-travolta-planeOprah Winfrey has a Global Express XRS VIP business jet, its custom designed by Bombardier Aersospace. The jet has been modified to carry only 10 people, this made room for other luxury amenities. The seats are made from fine leather and the bathroom has designer fixtures. A luxury jet made to fit a celebrity.  Global Express XRS VIP business jet