Luxury Dining Places in Dubai

Find the best luxury dining places in Dubai and let yourself live a fantastic cuisine experience.


When you are in Dubai, you know a thing: you can’t have lunch or dinner in an ordinary restaurant, because there is no ordinary restaurant. Everything here is about class, comfort, luxury and taste. So prepare your eyes and wits to explore the finest tastes.

It is an indubitable that Dubai is the centre of cuisine in the Middle Est. The food you will find here impresses with quality and elegance which is hard to encounter in other modern cities. Because there is a vast number of restaurants finding one which suits you the best is the easiest part. The way ingredients are selected is purely art.

One of the most remarkable restaurants is Verve which was opened in 2001, looking outstanding even now, always refreshing its style and menu. With one of the best chefs in the world, Verve is heaven on the plate. To experience Verve is like you would eat heavenly food. Nothing to object! A perfect dining place.

Asado, is for sure a place you would like to enjoy a glass of wine and a tasty stylish food. This restaurant offers you intimacy, having been designed especially for a comfortable atmosphere. This Argentinian restaurant is proud of its staff that will treat you with diplomacy and respect and you don’t have to know what you want because they already know what is best for you. The menu is very diversified, from see food to goat everything mixed with a beautiful, dazzling view above the world’s tallest building.

Well if you want to have a part of the sky on your plate, At.mosphere is your place, where beauty and style is combined with a magnificent view. You feel like you literally fly above the world and you have dinner standing on a cloud. Magic is the word for this restaurant.  It is located on the 122nd floor of the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building since it was opened. This restaurant deserves anyone’s attention. The main focus is seafood and steak dishes which come with a delightful atmosphere created by the design of the restaurant and its staff. You mustn’t lose the chance to explore the bar which has an exquisite collection of drinks.

If you are looking for a place where you can take your family and have quality time together and explore impeccable food than Le Petite Maison is the most splendid place where you can go. Another great detail about this restaurant is that it is located next to art galleries and boutiques which enrich its beauty and after you had a great lunch you can visit them and continue your wonderful afternoon.  When it comes to food everything is thought with an air of simplicity but good taste: beef carpaccio with prawns in olive oil and basil, foie gras with green beans and truffle pasta and salt-baked filet of sea bass are particular highlights.  And if you want to mix Dubai with France, the best part of this restaurant is that most of the staff is French so Voila!

In what concerns me, the place which you can’t overpass while you are in Dubai is Ossiano., a Spanish restaurant which offers you the opportunity to “swim” with fishes. While you eat your dinner you can be amazed by enormous fish tank. It is situated in the Atlantis hotel on the man-made Pal Jumeirah Island.  Even if you don’t want to dine, you at least must take some time to enjoy a drink while magical creatures from the water swim near you. The entire wall is an aquarium. The chef Santi Santamaria wanted that everything from the design to the menu to be phenomenal and it is for sure. The menu consists of 14 dishes that include scallops, shellfish and so many more. Though I am not sure you can order a whale.

Enjoy your time in Dubai, enjoy luxury dining places and explore their treasures, it is without equivalent.