Luxury Coffee Shops in Dubai

A selection of the best Luxury Coffee Shops in Dubai where you can enjoy the coffee with your family and friends.


Dubai has a very long love affair with coffee. Long before the coffee reached to Europe, the first country to roast and brew coffee was Yemen in the 15th century. Since then the popularity of this drink has grown all over the world but still to this day the UAE has the fastest growing coffee market and there we can also find some of the best coffees in the world.

There are many luxury coffee shops in Dubai and this is just a short selection of some of the most appealing ones in the city.

Sultan´s Lounge

This luxurious location is situated in lobby of the Jumeirah Zabeel Saray. The Ottoman decorations and royalty vibe makes this one of the best spots to relax while sipping a cup of excellent coffee or maybe some of the tea selection they offer, ether way you won’t be sorry for visiting this shop.

jumeirah-zabeel-saray-restaurants-sultans-lounge-04-hero Armani/Dubai Caffé

This coffee shop is situated among the most luxurious fashion shops inside the Armani Mall. The whole concept is design by Giorgio Armani himself and reflects the personal taste of the renown designer.

This coffee shop offers nothing but the best quality ingredients. It’s a place when you can enjoy one of the best coffees in the city with a homemade croissant surrounded by high fashion.

Armani Dubai Caffe 1_tcm87-22653Al Samar Lounge

This Lounge is located in lobby of Mina A’Salam hotel. It offers a selection of coffees, traditional teas, shisha and sweets.

The decorations are luxurious but the atmosphere is quite relaxing. It’s the perfect meeting spot for the afternoon tea with friends, while enjoying the view from the terrace.

al-samar-loungeCafé Bateel

Cafe Bateel is a chain of coffee shops all over the UAE, they say it’s like the Starbucks of Arabia but more posh.

They are specialized in coffee and Italian-Umbrian cuisine. Their motto is ”Come for coffee, stay for lunch” inviting you to try out their gourmet products besides the Arabica coffee blends.

Cafe Bateel 2_tcm87-22673The palace café

At The palace café you can find the perfect mix between Arabian and international cuisine. It’s located at the ground floor of The Palace Downtown Dubai.

It promises a very welcoming environment to all who decide to take their afternoon coffee or maybe even a fancy dinner at this location. Either way, this is definitely a place you must visit.