Luxury Adventure in the Golden Triangle – Thailand


Dreaming of a luxurious camping experience in the Golden Triangle? The Four Seasons Tented Camp is going to make this dream happen. Situated in the Golden Triangle, in the territory of Thailand, this fancy tented camp promises to give you the most unforgettable and relaxing camping experience you will have in the wilderness of Southeast Asia.

The Golden Triangle, also known as Sop Ruak is a world-renowned for being where the borders of the three countries, Laos, Burma and Thailand converge. Nature lovers have been raving about the site’s natural landscape, dominated by jungles and the Ruak River, which flows in the prominent Mekong River. From Thailand, the gateway to the Golden Triangle is the mountainous region of Chiang Rai, in the northern section of the country.

The Four Seasons Tented Camp offers prospective guests the ultimate adventure packages that can last from two to four nights. This all-inclusive package is designed with an action-packed itinerary that allows you to fully experience the natural wonders of the Golden Triangle region. On top of the exciting activities, you will be housed in the most deluxe tented accommodation, which features exquisite furniture and gorgeous views.

Signing up for the Four Seasons Tented Camp for your Golden Triangle adventure saves you a lot of time and effort of planning and arranging your itinerary. Their offered packages already include meals, alcohol, airport transfers, some outdoor activities and a relaxing spa treatment. The open-plan tents comes with spacious sleeping areas, heating, air-conditioning, bathtubs, outdoor shower and a deck with amazing views. The tents are specifically located amidst a bamboo jungle, where the Ruak and Mekong rivers clash.

One of the highlights of a Tented Camp stay is learning how to ride an elephant through the jungle. Local residents who are experts in elephant training are called mahouts. A Tented Camp package gives you the opportunity to learn how it is to be mahout for a day. There is no need to scour for elephants in the wild as the Camp takes care of its own Asian elephants. This opportunity of a lifetime teaches you the basic commands and skills on how to drive this magnificent creatures. If riding the elephant is too scary, you can still join the experienced mahouts as they bathe these gentle animals in the pond or river.

Aside from elephant riding, you can also explore markets, attend Thai cuisine cooking classes, visit temples like the “Chedi Luang” or trekking to hill tribes. One popular offered guided hiking trip is the one that follows the Jungle Trail, which goes all the way up to Camp Peak. Reaching the Peak rewards you with stunning panoramic views of the mountains of Laos and the Mekong River. You also grab the chance to cruise the Mekong River on the Camp’s custom-designed traditional longboat. By doing so, you will be able to see the exact point where the three Southeast Asian countries come together.

The Golden Triangle is known for its beauty and tranquility. It is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy the scenery. One thing you should not miss doing is the complimentary Thai massage in the Camp’s open-air salas, which are also equipped with bathtub/shower area, rooms and spa beds. A stay in the Tented Camp entitles you to sumptuous dinners at Nong Yao Restaurant. And to get your favorite drinks, just proceed to the Burma Bar.

Source by Nagib Georges Araman