Luxurious Wedding Invitation Ideas

Your wedding is reflected in the wedding invitation. Choose it wisely!


I truly believe you can imagine how a wedding would be like by the invitation you receive. It is very easy. If the invitation makes you feel special, gives you sparkles and emotions than the wedding will be majestic, but if the invitation doesn’t ring you any feelings than the wedding will be boring.

So ladies and gentlemen be very careful when you choose your wedding invitations because they reflect your entire wedding. If you don’t have a rich imagination or you want to assure yourself that everything is going to be perfect, hire a wedding consultant, better than failing with a high degree.

Because I adore weddings but not any kind of weddings but those elegant, classy luxurious weddings, I decided to come with some luxurious wedding invitation ideas to assure myself I had a small contribution on your future wedding.

Don’t post mail your invitations. Always hand them. It is more intimate and personally and a gesture of respect. If the guests are far away to assure yourself that the invitation won’t be damaged, better hire a personal hander or scan them.

Sophisticated Invitation: Shimmering navy wrap folded around a cream and gold insert. The wrap is tied around center with navy satin ribbon.

wedding invitation sophisticated gulf luxuryFor a more opulent wedding maybe with a baroque thematic, choose an invitation that would reflect the extravagance and the opulence of the wedding. Most fine paper quality and an elegant velvet envelope would do the trick.

baroque wedding invitation gulf luxury

A 5 star wedding invitation is the best choice if you want to reflect the luxury of the wedding, the grace and the perfection of the details and if you want an ultimate idea, than add diamonds to your invitation. Design the device of opening it with diamonds.

wedding invitation diamond gulf luxury

Photograph Wedding invitations: If you are so in love with each other and you can’t wait to show this to the world, emphasize it in your wedding invitation too. Find a place where they have high quality technology because you don’t want to loose the quality of the pictures. Than think for a design like this one for example:

photograph wedding invitation gulf luxury

Scroll Wedding Invitation: This design is my favorite.It seems to me so intimate, elegant, rich and inspires me a real desire to see what it’s wrote on it. Choose the best cases for them.Opt for leather boxes or cases draped in silk. Always search for the best materials and another important fact the writing style. Make sure you choose a graceful one.

Laser Cut Wedding Invitation: reflects classy and attention to details. If you opt for an invitation like this one, your guests will know that it is going to be a wedding full of magnificent surprises.

Red Wedding Invitation: Many people choose for the predominant color of the wedding, red. It is an elegant color which expresses love, romanticism and power. So if your wedding color is red than go for a red wedding invitation which stands on the most elegant holder.

red wedding invitation gulf luxury

These are my ideas of wedding invitation. As much as I love luxury I also love simplicity and elegance. When something has too much of other something it makes me feel uncomfortable.