Luxurious Restaurants in Istanbul

Experience Istanbul from the point of view of luxurious restaurants and fine cuisine.


Because we were talking about great places to visit and Istanbul was one of them the fair thing to know is what luxurious restaurant we find here, because without experience the pleasure of eating in a luxurious restaurant in a place we visit, the experience is not complete.

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I think we are already used to the fact that we love eating and relaxing in luxurious restaurants so next time you visit Istanbul here is a starting list of those luxurious restaurants you should definitely see.

La Mouette is an elegant restaurant located on the terrace of Beyoglu’s Tomtom Suites hotel. It offers a sublime view of the old city but the truly adventure is the cuisine. With two of the most talented young chefs, this restaurant is serving remarkable dishes prepared with locally-sourced ingredients. The dishes are creative and the iconic food here is the Turkish staple Arnavut cigeric, more known as Albanian style live, something like a reminiscent of foie gras. This is one of the most exquisite dish you’ll found in this town.

When referring to desserts you have to try a panna cotta made with youghurt. It is really a culinary experience.

luxurious restaurant

Our next stop will be at the Lokanta Maya where chef Didem Senol will make you feel that you have never had a better meal before. This is a casual bistro with a fabulous menu of contemporary Turkish dishes and some seasonal specials. This is a restaurant respected both locally and internationally. What you have to try here are the mucver, zucchini fritters which are the most famous. You can also have a more interesting choice like caramelised sea bass with oranges.

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luxurious restaurants

Rumelihisari Iskele is what you need for an authentic experience. This restaurant is located right on the Bosphorus in an Ottoman-era boat dock surrounded by a medieval fortress. This place is a real source of inspiration and the food is irresistible. In this restaurant you will have the experience of authentic traditional cuisine and the staff is totally dedicated to your service. You should start with a cold meze and then some hot starters.

luxurious restaurant

One of the easiest restaurant to call is X which reflects only style and quality. This restaurant truly cares about your experience and offers a fabulous view of the Golden Horn. It is located atop the 90 years old Deniz Palas builduing. X combines the new with the old and the result is majestic. The menu is influenced by the Mediterranean style and everything is cooked by experts. I recommend you an Anotalian “wedding soup”

luxurious restaurant

Leb-i derya is a rooftop restaurant which I adore because the views from here are magnificent. It is located at the top of İstiklâl Caddesi’s Richmond Hotel and has one of the finest menu you will encounter in Istanbul. You should definitely try sea bass with pancetta and chard or pomegranate flavored lamb kebab. This restaurant has a modern design with a sleek long bar which offers fabulous drinks perfect before or after you ate.

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Hope I’ve helped you with these restaurants and if you ever decide to visit Istanbul don’t forget to have the experience of one of these luxurious restaurants cuisine.