Luxurious Hotels In Singapore

Singapore really has amazing hotels which will make us desire another vacation!

Sofitel So
Sofitel So Singapore Gulf Luxury

Well ladies and gentlemen because we know that Singapore is the most expensive city to live in, has a fabulous night life and incredible rooftop bars, I think it’s time to see what luxurious hotels has to offer, because we need to spend the nights somewhere, after we fall in love with the city.

Let’s take a look at the most luxurious hotel in Singapore and see which hotel to choose for our next vacation.

We will start with the most famous one, a 5 stars hotel named Raffles Hotel which was opened back in 1887, being today one of the most famous hotel in the world. It is located exactly in the heart of the financial district and by cab you will arrive at the airport in 30 minutes. Hemingway, Somerset Maugham and Rudyard Kipling immortalized this hotel and made it even more famous. This is not only a hotel but a tourist attraction, full of history and culture, The verandas of this splendid hotel are beautified with tropical gardens and are the perfect place for a relaxing evening.


Raffles Hotel

The next hotel which must be tried while you are in Singapore is The Fullerton Bay Hotel located in the splendid marina bay, only 17 kilometers from Singapores Changi airport. The views and the landscapes of this hotel are one of the most sublime attractions. You will also be amazed by its architecture and style. This hotel has something special to offer like local contemporary performance art which will surely gain your attention.

Hotels in Singapore

For another luxurious experience which will not disappoint you, book a room at Grand Hyatt Singapore which is located centrally in the popular Orchard Road shopping and entertainment district so what can you ask more? The airport is also at a 30 minute journey to the hotel.

Grand Hyatt
Grand-Hyatt Gulf luxury

Another phenonemal hotel is InterContinental a Peranakan style construction which will amaze you and make your eyes melt in the night. This is the only luxury hotel which preserve Pernakan artistry. 30 minute ride with a cab from the airport, and 10 minutes away from the Central Business District, the Marina Bay and the Orchard Road sopping and entertainment district. This hotel offers you clean elegant rooms and wonderful services.

Intercontinental Singapore

I believe you heard about the next hotel which is unbelievably elegant and famous among wealthy people. Sofitel So Singapore. When you enter in this marvelous Hotel you’ll be fascinated by its heritage building. A splendid design and fabulous services, you can enjoy the luxury hotel boutique, where you will be enchanted by French elegance blends combined with modern Singapore style.

This beauty is designed by the legendary Karl Lagerfeld and the interior design by Isabelle Miaja. It is a place for those sophisticated people who search for glamour.

Sofitel So
Sofitel So Singapore Gulf Luxury

Hope you’ll have fun on your next vacation in Singapore!