Luxurious hotel chains


If you enjoy staying at fancy hotels you need to know about these famous and luxurious hotel chains that can be found all over the world. Their names are a symbol of prestige and have a flawless reputation. You can’t go wrong with booking a suite in one of these hotels.

One of these famous chains is the St. Regis. This hotel chain is part of the Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide, comapany that has other luxury hotel chains like the W Hotels, Sheraton and Westin Hotels. The first St. Regis was built in 1904 in Manhattan New York by John Jacob Astor IV, from there the hotel expanded and became a chain. The St. Regis Hotels are located in some of the most important cities in the world. You can find these hotels in US, China, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico and The United Arab Emirates. The prices start at $1,045 per night.

St-Regis-Luxury-Hotel-Abu-DhabiAman Resorts is a chain that can be found in 20 countries. They are very luxurious and are characterized by the fact that they have only about 50 to 55 rooms on each hotel, also there’s no lobby or reception but there are four staff members for every guest. The hotel gives the impression of a private residence. The architecture is simple, almost minimalist and the interiors are stylish and elegant with natural tones and high quality furnishings.  They all have private pools and amazing spas just ideal for relaxation, the word ”aman” actually means peace and shelter.5-star-amanpulo-resort-by-aman-resorts-o If you usually stay at high end hotels you might have stayd in a hotel from Rosewood Hotels & Resorts. They have some amazing properties world wide, the chain has 11 hotels in 9 countries and 7 exclusive resorts. You can find a luxurious Rosewood accommodation in the US, Asia and Europe.Rosewood room Jumeirah Group is a chain of hotels that has won numerous travel awards, it’s based in Duba and they offer some of the highest standards of luxury in the entire world. You can find Jumeirah hotels not only in the UAE but also India, Kuwait, Egypt, Morocco, Indonesia, Azerbaijan, China, Jordan, Qatar, Thailand and the Caribbean. jumeirah-beach-hotel_1InterContinental Hotels are the most luxurious hotels in the world, the company has 178 hotels and another 53 in development. One of the most exclusive is the InterContinental Hong Kong with rooms that go over $13,000 per night. With such a price you should expect the best experience in the most lavish environment. 	Royal-Suite