Luxurious Halloween Masks

Halloween comes in luxury and a luxurious masquerade mask is a must!


After we saw where to party for Halloween in Dubai, it’s time to think how to dress. For a fancy, extravagant party you will need a fabulous outfit which will make everybody turn their heads.

Before talking about Halloween costumes, I will dedicate this article to Luxurious Halloween Masks bot for ladies and gentlemen. I find these luxurious Halloween Masks very important for an outstanding look and a remarkable appearance. 

Gold Feather Mask: A feather glamorous mask will always be a wise choice especially when it’s details are made of gold. Choose a mask covered with pale gold glitter, decorated with a beige ostrich feather and other smaller pale gold feathers. Around the eyes the mask is decorated with large diamante piece and Swarovski Crystals. It is a unique mask.

gold feather mask gulf luxury

For another graceful look and fabulous appearance choose a Venetian Goddess Masquerade Mask Made of Resin, with High Fashion Macrame Lace & Diamonds. At the end of the night everybody will talk about your look and everyone will ask to take pictures with you.

elegant halloween mask gulf luxury

White & Gold Lace Masquerade Mask: This mask is embellished with real gold details and pearls. The material used is high class and it feels sublime on your face. The mask is specially created for a fabulous Halloween dress.

gold pearl halloween mask

Burgundy, Red & Gold Masquerade: made with the finest and softest material, Swarovski diamonds and real flowers, this mask is absolutely fantastic and every lady will feel fabulous wearing it at a Halloween party.

red halloween mask gulf luxury

If you want to be an Egyptian Godless, you need a luxurious mask that will express this in the most elegant and graceful way. This utmost leather mask is designed with the finest leather, painted with real gold paint and it looks absolutely sublime with a red lipstick. This one is my favorite.

egyptian goddess halloween mask gulf luxury

Men will be thrilled to see that there are some amazing luxurious Halloween masks for them too. 

Mask for Men Roman Gladiator Thor: all the details are made of pure gold and the mask itself is made of the finest leather.

men halloween mask gulf luxury

This next men mask is beautified with real diamond dust and everything if created from the most expensive material that won’t harm your skin.

men halloween masks gulf luxuryAnother gold Mask created with pure gold and gold dust will beautify your face and made you look like a real extravagant king.

gold mask men halloween gulf luxury

Now that you have some ideas of brilliant masks stay tuned for some luxurious Halloween costumes article that will come soon.