Luxurious Activities a Billionaire should do in Dubai

If you though that you have tried everything, Dubai will always amaze you!


We learned from our previous experiences that Dubai is definitely one of the world class destinations, wealthy people should visit. Dubai is an ultimate luxury place where people with money and power come to find extravagance and eccentric experiences and adventures.

Today I am going to give you a luxury guide about what luxurious activities you should do while you are in Dubai. I must warn you that these activities are so luxurious that only billionaire can dream to taste them.

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There is a rule: If you have money, make yourself the pleasure of experiencing a luxurious desert Safari! An one of a kind luxurious activity in Dubai is having the unique pleasure of discovering the desert from a helicopter and the best part is yet to come. What if I told you that you can explore desert having a Steinway Grand Piano with an Opera Singer while you pleasure your eyes with the sunset, a classical orchestra will relish your soul while you enjoy a unique dinner around an oasis lake. The return home will be done with a super car.

luxurious activities dubai gulf luxuryThe second luxury rule in Dubai is to own a yacht. Some of the greatest people in the world have exquisite yachts which simply seem to be outlandish. Dubai of course prouds itself with some fabulous yachts that is why a yacht cruise which only Dubai can offer you is a must. Exploring Dubai’s beauties, sensations and wonders from the sea is equivalent with having a glimpse of Heaven.Imagine yourself on a 118ft Moonlight superyacht that includes everything: reception areas, charming dining rooms and elegant cabins if you decide to spend the night on board.

luxurious activities dubai gulf luxury yach

Remember when I told you about the experience of seeing Dubai from air? Well yes, you really need to have a bite from this sky adventure because there are now words explaining how beautiful Dubai looks from Heaven. With a private air charter this experience will be simply the best.

luxurious activities dubai sky

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Opulence is one of the main words that describes Dubai and its extravagance that is why one of the sublime experience you must have while you have the pleasure of adventuring on Dubai’s modern streets is getting away in a luxury way. A 4 day adventure waits for you, 4 days in which you will explore desert and mountains like no other people. These adventure resonates with luxury and world class comfort. A Mercedes G-Wagons will wait for you and you will be staying at one of the finest private reserve in the world: the Six Senses Zighy Bay Resort in Northern Oman. This resort has it own private beach, a suite with 4 bedrooms, special entertaining areas, a private spa suite, gym, yoga studio, staff quarters, a 17 metre infinity swimming pool and you will have your own butler. You can’t miss scuba diving, seeing the sunset from a luxury dhow and many other unique and luxurious activities.

luxurious activities duba gulf luxury

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  • Just in Case you were wondering, Dubai offers you the chance to book a whole facility for you and your friends so if you want a water park just for your personal entertaining you can do this without problems. 
  • Dubai has the best personal Fashion Advisers who have access to the most exclusive brand boutiques in the world. Don’t miss you chance!
  • Private Dinner on the Burj al Arab Helipad sound appealing? Well it’s time for you to demonstrate you really are a man of power