Abu Dhabi Most Luxurious Homes


We are already used with the fact that Abu Dhabi is a place of luxury and elegance. If we are talking about restaurants, clubs, hotels, pub or streets everything is built to impress and to give you a view of beauty.

This is also available for homes. For those who want to establish here and to become part of a society who loves sophistication and refinement, maybe it would be a great thing to know something about most luxurious homes.

Luxury houses in Dubai are placed right next to those of New York, Aspen, Bali or Istanbul, with a price in the capital rose of 14.7 percent.  Two years ago, Abu Dhabi had a house market rising when prices increased with 15 per cent.

Even though it seems much, Dubai is not one of the most expensive places to live in but it is for sure one of the most elegant and alive places.

According to some studies, 48,300 people with a wealthy financial situation, decided to live in the UAE. After they started their life there, they placed the UAE on the position 7 in a global ranking.

Palm Jeremiah is in the present the location where the most expensive property for sale in Dubai, sits on.

A villa with seven bedrooms, 40,000 sq ft villa, a private beach where beauty, fresh air and sun tickle your face every morning, this place is the most outstanding, sumptuous place where a wealthy person or family can live. There is nothing this villa can’t give you. Life in here would be a forever vacation on Heaven. I think you’ll never experience irritability because the view invites you to relax and to enjoy your life , because if you afford to live there, your life is the best.

The second most expensive home you could choose to start your life in, is in Emirates Hills, where a villa with eight bedrooms waits for the perfect person to take advantage of its beauty.  3,4091 sq ft, are available for those who know how to enjoy such a property. You even have a home movie theatre which allows you to invite your friends and have quality time together and to feel the ambience of luxury. Your soul will be perfumed with magical golf views and landscaped gardens that will fulfill your imagination.

The third most luxurious villa which is available for those who know how to taste elegance and chicness is also in Emirates Hills. It has eight bedrooms; approx. the same size as the second one, this place is a place of love and fineness. Designed with Italian details, this is a place where you will want to give love and you’ll fall in love every day.  Let yourself be a part of this fairytale.

These are the first three most expensive places you could live in. If you are a person who wants the best thing for him and his future family and doesn’t accept less than perfection, you should visit these three and imagine how life could be, when perfection and luxury surround you. Enjoy life, enjoy superiority!