Links of London 25 year anniversary collection

A new collection celebrating 25 years of history, brings some luxurious and elegant jewelries.

links of london

Links of London is a British jewelry company that makes luxurious pieces.  This October the brand celebrates 25 years of history and for this reason, a new amazing collection has been launched.

Also a special exhibition to celebrate the event, will take place in Hong Kong, the exhibition is called ”Reflection” and it will be available to admire at Level 1, Pacific Place from October 8-13. Reflections will be parted in three zones each dedicated to the three iconic Rings of Links of London, called ”Love, London, Life”. The zones will have VIP collections with statement pieces that are inspired by some of the London landmarks and the love and passion for fine jewelry.

For the last 25 years Links Of London has become one of the most respected brands in the making of luxury jewelry. The attention to detail and amazing craftsmanship that goes on in the making of the pieces is a proof of love for fine art and elegance. The 25 year collection is a reminder of that. It includes iconic pieces that were re-worked and re-design and also some bespoke and made-to-order jewelry from the new launch: Timeless.

The Timeless Vip collection has beautiful and opulent jewelry that were inspired by the most iconic building in London, the Big Ben. The pieces are made with a stylish art-deco style. The materials used are white gold that has been adorned with black diamonds and tsavorite stones. timeless vipThe Hope Collection is inspired by the Duchess of Cambridge and has elegant pieces made from 18-carat yellow gold and beautiful savorite stones. The anniversary pieces are a pair of earnings (£1,800) and a statement necklace (£3,500). Jewellery that are fit for a duchess for sure. hopeThe Concave is a limited piece for the occasion of the anniversary. A £1,300.00 necklace made from Sterling silver and adorned with white and champagne diamonds that makes this piece truly stand out.  The Concave is also part of the Diamond Essential Collection.concaveLinks of London has really made a wonderful job with these new designs, jewelry that inspires elegance and luxury with a unique design. We can’t wait to see what they come up with for the next anniversaries.