Largest and Expensive Private Car Collections

If you thought that you own impressive cars, just take a look at these car collections!

Car collections

Because we love cars with our entire soul and body and we are passionate about them, today I want you to find inspiration in some of the most luxurious, largest and expensive private car collections.

These private car collections are far from ordinary and common. The persons who own them are important famous rich people we all know something about. They don’t like their name to be shaded by non-important matters that is why they are known for having majestic private cars collections.

A man whom we are very familiar now has one of the most majestic and expensive private car collections. The Sultan Of Brunei will leave you without breath or visions when you will see his private car collections. Exotic cars, high-end luxury cars, priceless classic cars and a unique concept cars. With $20 billion dollars bank account The Sultan of Brunei managed to create the largest and the most expensive private car collection in the world. The exotic car collection is estimated to be worth twice Jay Leno’s reported net worth which is $300 million dollars. The most impressive car and one of the priciest car in the world, is a $14 million dollars custom Rolls Royce Silver Spur Limousine loaded with 24K gold. Just imagine that the exotic collection includes 8 McLaren F1, Ferrari FX, Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR and Bugatti Veyron 16.4. Nobody knows exactly how many cars does the Sultan of Brunei owns but there are speculations which say that he could have between 3.000 and 6.000 exotic cars.

cars collections

I am sure that you all heard about Jay Leno who is the most famous car collector on earth. His biggest passion are cars, some people say it is actually an addiction. He is also famous for his stand-up comedy and talk show hosting. He is constantly adding a new car to his collection, trading or modifying cars or motorcycles. In the present he is known for having over 100 cars and 90 motorcycles. His car collection is described in terms of age, price, rarity, engine configuration, brand and so on. He owns a 1906 Stanley Steamer and a brand new McLaren Mp4-12 C (super car). This guy wants only expensive cars. He has a huge warehouse garage and special equipment for working on the cars.

Jay Leno

KEN LINGENFELTER is another passionate car collector who has a warehouse in Brighton, Michigan. He owns some of the rare car collections in the world. Ken is the son of a successful GM executive and he made a fortune from real estate settlement industry. His collections includes impressive exotic cars and very expensive. He is very friendly and constantly allows public to come and view his cars. He is constantly growing his collection and says that everything he has, has it because he’s a philanthropist.

car collections

The Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan, a billionaire member of the Abu Dhabi ruling family, doesn’t want to be less impressive with his car collection, so he is known for his wild spending antics. He owns a massive Mercedes Monster Truck and because of the seven Mercedes S-Classes cars, all of them in different colors, the sheikh was nicknamed Rainbow Sheikh.

car collection


Dear gentlemen and ladies why not, it is high time to start a car collection!