J’ade, the luxurious 60 meters mega yacht

The J'ade from CRN (Costruzioni e Riparazioni Navali) is an innovative and ultra luxurious yacht.

J'ade side

J’ade is a 60 meter mega yacht that has some interesting new features that you will not find at other yachts. These features include an indoor pool, a floating garage, a hamman room, a gym and very stylish decor. The ship was build by CRN and it was nominated for the Best Interior at 2014 Monaco Yacht Show.

Costruzioni e Riparazioni Navali, CRN for short, is a company part of the Ferretti group that builds luxury yachts in Ancona, Italy. The company celebrated this year 50 years of history. ”CRN is experimenting. We’re experimenting in design, in sizes, and in features. Each [of the yachts in build] has special features in development, and we hope the next step will be to mix and match all these new features in one or two new concepts so future owners can not only have a beautiful, seaworthy and safe vessel, but they can have special features that nobody else has. These will not be special features that are just an experiment, but features clients can touch and feel in other vessels under construction or already floating.” – Luca Boldrini, CRN’s sales director

The J’ade mega yacht has a hydraulic-operated hatch that serves as a garage for an eight-meter speedboat but that’s not all, this hatch can be filled with 18,000 liters of water and transform in an amazing indoor ocean pool. It’s the first floating garage for a private 60 meters yacht and CNR has the client to thank : ”He liked the melting together of the technical area with a more enjoyable area, the beach club,’ Boldrini says. ‘He entered into the concept and gave us the possibility to develop it – I thank the client because not everyone is so brave with a technically difficult feature that has never been done, especially with a side entrance like this one…”

The yacht also has a plunge pool and a stylish lounge on the deck where you can enjoy the sun. A luxurious living room with a piano and a wet bar atop an aquarium. A gym and a mosaic-tiled hamman to relax after a long day swimming. It has a main bedroom for the owner and other four guest rooms, all with views of the ocean. The whole decorations and furnishings are beautifully put together for an amazing atmosphere, the interior design was made by Studio Zuccon, CRN and the owners.

A mega yacht made with passion and dedication that will impress everyone.