Interesting Ideas for Organizing Your Jewelry

Unique and beautiful ideas for a new home for you jewelry.


If you want some unique holders for you jewelry than you must put your imagination at play, because you want your jewelry to feel special and loved, don’t you?

I will give you some interesting ideas for organizing your jewelry and hope it will be creative and you will feel the need to try them yourself.

Faux China some faux plates, colorful teacups, playful ornaments and some foams and you will have created an elegant and graceful support for your beloved jewelry. I think it looks full of femininity and softness.



Next method of organizing your jewelry in a unique way is one of my favorites. Painted Burlap.  Use some vintage elegant frames or buy other more luxurious and add instead of a picture burlaps so your earnings will hang with no problem.

enhanced-buzz-16556-1383611632-0Giraffe Dish is a lovely way of organizing your earrings and bracelets. You will need papers, white glue, something which you will use as a mold, white craft paint, gold liquid leaf, a small plastic giraffe (it doesn’t have to be necessarily from plastic), a paintbrush, white paint pen, E6000 glue and clear glossy varnish. Use the plate as a support for the giraffe. Paint them golden and stick the giraffe on plate. Easy and the result is delightful.


Stacked Plates: a graceful stand, feminine and elegant, you can choose your personalized plate so it can look more joyful and more eccentric. It is your choice. You can even create it yourself with plates which you have in the house. I think it is very elegant and chic.


Hardware. This method of organizing your jewelry is for sure one of a kind. You just have to search for elegant, maybe gold or silver hardware and then fix them on a fabric-covered board. I will definitely search for luxurious and full of elegance hardware because I would like to express richness and class.


Hope you will find these ideas useful and on a rainy day you will spend some creative time with your family, designing fabulous personalized jewelry supports.