Incredible Underwater Restaurants

You are finally feeling complete after you've enjoyed the real adventure of dining under the water in one of the fanciest underwater restaurant in the world!


Traveling around the world comes with amazing experiences and fabulous adventures which enrich our memories and souls.

Rich people also have the pleasure to explore the flavor of underwater restaurants which are famous for a remarkable design and expensive details. But everything is worthing when you have the chance to dine while sharks swim around you.The experience is one of a kind.

Today we are going to explore the beauty of some of the most incredible underwater restaurants which will amaze you for sure.

Al Mahara, Dubai, UAE: We begin with the one we are already familiar with and where I am confident you have already dined at least once, being impressed with its marvelous details and fabulous food. This restaurant is a floor-to-ceiling aquarium that gives you the real impression of being underwater. Al Mahara means The Oystel Shell in Arabic and it is considered to be the greatest seafood restaurant in the beautiful Dubai. The specialities here like poached Tsarkaya oysters, Wagyu Beef seared on the plancha and short rib in orange syrup and angostura will mark your for life.

al mahara underwater restaurants dubai gulf luxury

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Conrad Hotel Rangali Island, Maldives: This resort is located on a private island in the middle of the Indian Ocean, offering 12 restaurants and bars from which to choose, including water villas and stilts.You will also enjoy a fromage bar where you can have a feast with 101 of the world’s most magnificent cheeses. The Ithaa Undersea Restaurant makes this resort so famous because it is actually the only and the first undersea restaurant in the world, all made of glass. It is five meters below the surface and the 180 degree panoramic views are just so impressive that you will cry. Coral gardens surround the view and make it even more spectacular. Mother of pearl would be translated the name of the restaurant and here European cuisine is the key for happiness. Have an amazing lunch serving light dishes like fresh green pea soup, green mango or papaya salad and after that chocolate mousse. The dinner must impress you with caviar, lobster, champagne risotto. You can choose from over 20.000 bottles of wine.

conrad1_underwater restaurants gulf luxury

Subsix, Niyama, Per Aquum, Maldives: Seems that Maldives really know how to stay in business with another fabulous underwater restaurant. This is a place where party people must go. Both a club and a restaurant in 500 metres out in the ocean and six metres below the waterline. If you want to have the pleasure of experiencing private champagne breakfast or intimate subaquatic lunches or if you take into consideration to have you wedding here, this place is prepared for everything. The restaurant serves fresh dishes like crab, cous cous and pomelo garden, lobster medallion and Wagyu beef tenderloin and fresh juices are for free.

maldivs subsix underwater restaurants gulf luxury

Jules’ Undersea Lodge, Key Largo Undersea Park, Florida: Florida really has imagination when it’s about food. The only way to access the hotel is to by scuba diving. In order to receive your pizza somebody will deliver to you by scuba diving. This hotel is famous for this delivering. Located in Key Lango Lagood they really offer you a special package. Enjoy a meal cooked by a chef who will dive down just for you. You can visit the restaurant only for pizza lunch and still have an amazing adventure.

jules underwater restaurants gulf luxury

Cargo Hold, uShaka Marine World, Durban, South Africa:Despite not being under water this restaurant is very famous for being nestled in the legendary ghost ship The Phantom, offering sublime views of the ocean and the shark tank. If you decide to visit it, book a table next to the window to have a closer and personal encounter with the sharks. Try while you are there shucked oysters, white wine mussels, or seared salmon served with sticky teryaki souce and pesto mashed potato. You can also have a taste of crayfish, prawns, mussels, calamari, line fish or lanoustines.

cargo the phantom underwater restaurants gulf luxury

Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji Restaurant, Fiji: this restaurant is not ready completely, yet but promises to be the only fully underwater resort in the world. The island comprises 225 acres and it is surrounded by 5,000 acre lagoon for snorkelling,diving and exploring. You will be able to choose from 2 options: dining on land or dining below the sea. There is also a whisper that they want to built and undersea chapel.

fiji underwater restaurants gulf luxury

SEA Restaurant, Anantara Kihavah Villas, Maldives. This is the first underwater wine cellar in Maldives. Only adults are allowed and they can choose from spanning nine decades, designed to match the gourmet cuisine. It is located three matres below the surface, having only glass walls for an ultimate experience. There is also an array of sea life swimming, darting and dancing. try the Lobster Treasures lunch.

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