How to buy a vintage watch

Find out why you should buy a vintage watch and how to find the best for you


Why invest in a vintage watch instead of buying the latest designs ? Well first of all vintage means history, an old watch is unique and it’s a perfect way to show your style and personality. Luxury watches are always made with the best quality materials and they are built to last for a lifetime, new designs often use the same technology with difference only in design. Besides a watch is just one of those things that can have many lives after the first owner and some pieces are so beautiful they deserve to be worn for many years ahead. A vintage watch from one of the most respected watch makers in the world will always be a precious thing to have, a classic accessory and truly timeless.

The market for used watches is booming, many companies are buying old luxury watches and after a investigation including repair and polishing if its necessary, they sell it to the next owner. This is also a good way to get rid of the watches you don’t use anymore or to buy a high quality watch for a very good deal, it’s a win win.

How to buy a vintage watch ? Fist of all know what you want. Do some research and find the brand and the design that you desire and that you think it fits your style and personality. Don’t let yourself influence by the seller if he tries to offer something else, something that it’s not completely you. Rolex and Patek Philippe are the brands that make the best investment just make sure you know exactly exactly what are you looking for.patek phillipeFind a dealer that is trustworthy. This is probably the most important thing when buying a watch. You can look for your desired timepiece online on sites like, retail stores like Club Monaco and auction houses.

At auction houses you will find the most unique watches and with true value. Here you can also make sure that what you are buying is indeed a precious item because it will have a certificate of authenticity and specialists are available for consultations. This is a good way to buy vintage watches but it will cost you a bit more depending on the demand.

A good advice is to find a friend, a specialist or a watch buyer enthusiast can make a difference when going to buy a used watch. Also make sure you know the terms that the seller uses, terms like “all original” that means that all parts are original or “re-dialled” that means that the dial has been touched.

A vintage watch is like a piece of art and you need to look after a good movement like the Valjoux 72 and see that it has the brand’s name or logo on the movement, on the case, dial and the crown. These are further proof that you have a genuine art piece. daytona movement