How to Buy a Rolex Watch

Learn some tricks about how to assure yourself you buy a real Rolex watch.


Rolex is an investment as we already learned in a previous article. People tend to buy a Rolex watch to show their gratitude to luxury, to celebrate a huge achievement,to feel powerful and important. A Rolex watch gives you infinite feelings about your class and makes you feel incredibly interesting and a real inspiration for others.

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If you don’t already have a Rolex watch and you intend to buy one, here are some things you should be careful about when you buy a Rolex watch.

rolex how to buy a rolex watch

1.First thing: the dealer. I already mentioned in a previous article, that Rolex watches must be bought only for real dealers who are certified to sell this brand, because if not you might have the bad luck to buy a replica and you don’t want this. The dealer must be authorized to sell these expensive timepieces.

2.Be careful at the signature:There are cases when the Rolex diamond bezel or dial is a fake, even the crystal glass or the bracelets.If you see the description of Rolex style, Italian made etc don’t buy it, it is not a real Rolex.

3.Inside of a Rolex: The finishes and the details that characterize a Rolex watch are incredible. The quality of each detail is something you have nothing to compare it, that is why Rolex watches are extremely expensive.You have to be given a long insurance which can be given only about real dealers.

4.Preowned Rolex: A genuine Rolex has a model and a serial number which identify the correct model and the year of the manufacture. Ask for these when you buy a Rolex watch, and real dealers with disclose both the model and serial number.

5. If the dealer insist not to take into consideration taxes and registration of the watch it means that it is a fake, a stolen one, or the dealer is not really a genuine dealer so ask about these details too in order to assure yourself of buying a real Rolex timepiece.

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