Horse Jewelry – Symbol and Meaning

Horse jewelry

Horse Jewelry – Symbol and Meaning

In the last few years, horse jewelry has become more and more popular. Whether we are talking merely about horseshoes or horses as such, women prefer to choose more such items to adorn themselves. And, let’s face it, horses are indeed an epitome of elegance and style. Today we are going to delve a little on their symbol and meaning so as to understand what the catch is with the horse jewellery.

The Legend of the HorseshoeHorse Shoe Bracelet

A big part of the horse jewelry represents horseshoes. But why is the horseshow believed to bring good luck and protection? It all dates back to a legend. The story goes that the devil himself stopped one day at a blacksmith and asked him to nail some horseshoes for his hooved feet. However, the pain was unbearable. The blacksmith told the devil that he would only remove the horseshoes if he promised not to enter any home that has horseshoes hanging.

Chinese MeaningHorse Chinese Meaning

In the Chinese culture, the horse represents one of the 12 animals in the zodiac. It is the symbol of power, speed and perseverance. Sounds familiar? Think about the Ferrari brand. Depending on the position of the horse, it can mean lots of things, but mostly it brings good luck to whoever wears the symbol.

Why Horse Jewelry?

One of the first reasons why you should buy yourself horse jewelry is because it’s really fashionable. It has become a real trend in the past months and you can see more and more people wearing it. Another reason would be that it brings you good luck and it protects you from bad energies.

Even if you don’t believe in such things, you have to admit that a horseshoe has an elegant shape. Moreover, a horse inspires strength and style, so you have no reason not to try such a jewelry.