Hermes Apple Watch

Hermes and Apple have collaborated for the new design of Apple Watch , a beautiful traditional design with all the benefits of modern technology


If you are not a huge fan of very modern designs when it comes to watches you will be happy to find out that the new Apple Watch will come in a very classic design by Hermes. The two brands have teamed up for this luxurious timepiece and the result is very appreciated by the high class stylish people in the world.

The French luxury brand Hermes is not known for its watchmaking but it is famous for the stylish leather accessories, actually is one of the most important supplier of leather goods and it’s no surprise that when Apple decided to bring a bit more style into their watch, Hermes was the perfect solution. The original Apple strap was not well received by many people that called it ”a bit rubbery” so this collaboration is a very smart move. Hermes brings to this modern watch luxury and elegance, making it look like a classic watch. This combination of high technology and timeless design make this watch a very unique piece that will be very popular once it will be released to the public.

 “I see it as the establishment of an alliance in excellence; like the horse and carriage, a perfect team.” Says Pierre-Alexis Dumas, Hermès executive vice president in charge of artistic direction. curele-Apple-Watch-Hermes

The new Hermes Apple Watch comes in a variety of designs with three different straps made from leather and a custom watch face. In terms of the strap design you can choose from a simple strap that comes in 38mm or 42mm, black or brown, a double strap available in 38mm watch and four colors including brown, red, black and blue and a cuff design inspired in the equestrian hardware that is only available for 42mm in brown leather.

“Apple and Hermès make very different products, but they reflect the deep appreciation of quality design. Both companies are motivated by a sincere pursuit of excellence and the desire to create something that is not compromised. Apple Watch Hermès is a true testament to that belief.” said Jonathan Ive, Apple’s chief design officer, in a press release.

The watches will hit the stores both Apple and Hermes this October and the price will be from $1,100 to $1,500 depending on the design.