Giorgio Armani’s luxurious yacht

“You can see the inside of the yacht from the outside, and you can see the entire view from the inside,” says Armani.

Armani's yacht, Main

The renown fashion designer, Armani has houses all over the world, but one of his favorites homes is his yacht, Maìn. Giorgio Armani’s luxurious yacht is a representation of his flawless and elegant style and also his love for the sea: “Ever since I went to the beach resorts for the first time when I was four or five years old I have loved the water. I still remember how the feeling of the smooth, cool sand under my feet filled me with joy as evening came. I have loved the sea ever since, and I still love and respect it greatly.armani-yacht-10The yacht was custom built by Codecasa yachts under Armani’s strict supervision. The interior is all designed by Armani, reflecting his refined style with beautiful furniture and elegant decoration. The exterior is a dark green and this was a camouflaging tactic, Armani wanted the yacht to be subtle and less noticeable. ” I wanted to limit the excess, so I could really experience living the ‘sea’ without being distracted.” It took 30 months to finish it and it was delivered in 2008. The name of the yacht, Maìn is an affectionate nick name that Giorgio’s mother gave him when he was little. This yacht is clearly very personal and close to the fashion designer’s heart. “Maìn is my private refuge,” he saysYachts-Giorgio-Armani-7The interior of Giorgio Armani’s luxurious yacht was put together by the master and his designer team at Armani/Casa. His prime objective was comfort, making the best of the space to eliminate the crowded feeling and give the impression of spacious rooms with strategically placed furniture and natural colors like grey, beige and dark green. “I definitely aimed for comfort, arranging spaces that leave plenty of visual freedom, so that one never feels closed in a box with low ceilings,” says Armani the-interior-of-Giorgio-Armanis-Yacht-6Armani’s favorite destination with his yacht is the Mediterranean, it’s where he feels like home. He does want to explore other exotic places like Africa but his work doesn’t allow him to have such long vacations. interior-of-Giorgio-Armani’s-Yacht-7The Yacht has six spacious rooms for guests and although he sometimes he has big parties of 100 people, Armani likes to keep things simple and invite only a few selected friends on his boat.the-interior-of-Giorgio-Armanis-Yacht-3“Owning this yacht has brought me the greatest pleasure. It’s the certainty of serenity, a taste for the rhythms of the sea, which is at one with our most profound inner nature.”