Extravagant Lingerie Brands

Nothing compares to a luxurious lingerie.


We talked about expensive bags, accessories, haircuts, makeups, but what about lingerie which is very important for a woman.

With the perfect Lingerie your body feels powerful and confident that is why we should always search for Extravagant Lingerie Brands, they really know what a woman body desires and you will feel the gentle touch of your lingerie.

We will meet the most exquisite Lingerie brands in the world, referring here about exclusivity. You’ll be surprised to find that Dolce& Gabbana or Jean Paul Gaultier’s collection for La Perla are not on the list because it seems they are not luxurious enough.

Will talk about Brands which design both two pieces of lingerie: bras and knickers, because we want to have a complete set without thinking from where to get a suitable other piece.

We also want that these brands to be accessible to everyone not only to those who are put on a secret list. 

If you are excited enough let’s see some names of some of the most luxurious and extravagant Lingerie Brands in the world.

So ladies if you want something really extravagant and sexy, this brand will definitely intrigue you. Alexandra Popa and Javier Suarez, founded Bordelle in 2007 and they decided to have a vintage classic tonality with modern scents, some people even say that they’re too sexy. You’ll find this brand sensual, graceful, feminine and unique. A trademark bandage dress starts at $500 and go to $1400.


If you think that this brand doesn’t reflect your visions maybe you would like something from Carine Gilson, a famous brand since 1994. Your skin will be touched by the softest silk, an incredibly delicate lace, and the sheerest chiffon. You need to know that every item is made by hand and they are a truly work of art and some of them require more work than the most luxurious jewelry. Carine Gilson thong (iconic piece) will reach the price of $1360.


Moving on to another phenomenal brand, because we really need to be more diverse in what means lingerie, we’ll meet a luxurious lingerie brand, Agent Provocateur, which is a brand that redefine the world of extravagant lingerie. This brand reflects elegance, high price and eroticism. Agent Provocateur is incredibly famous around the world with prices that start from $800 for a bodysuit to $1300 for a robe.


Well, let’s see what other brand will impress us from now on and explore the world of Jean Yu which talks about sublime, feminine and ethereal. This brand knows how to combine simplicity with luxury. Everything is limited edition when referring to Jean Yu. You can find an atelier in New York if you want to go for some measures for a perfect lingerie.


Ladies I hope that these brands are interesting enough to learn more about them and to test them in the future.