Expensive Desk Accessories

Your desk must be the place where you find the greatest inspiration.


Our desk is the place where we spend a lot of time working and searching for new ideas, so we must accessorize it in order to give us inspiration and a peaceful relaxing feeling.

Inspiration can be found in small details and because we enjoy luxury and it’s the most inspirational feeling for wealthy people we should search for the most elegant and classy desk accessories. 

I would definitely start with an elegant photo frame with silver details or even gold and if this it’s not enough for my inspiration to be stimulated, I would choose a frame on which little diamonds are encrusted.


The second accessory I would choose for my desk would be a tape dispenser which has to reflect elegance and extravagance because the entire desk must be a place where you find class and of course ideas. This tape dispenser was designed by an American and it is one of the most expensive desk accessory on the market.


A famous person will always receive letters and even if he or she doesn’t receive letters nothing reflects more style and aesthetics than a letter opener which inspires you a vintage atmosphere and gives you the impulse to start writing some documents. I will opt for a silver letter opener for more grace. You can even encrust your initials on it which really gives you a feeling of power.


Choose a stylish desk set which includes a vase, a pencil support, a tray and a beautiful round box. I found this L’Objet set designed by Elad Yifrach, a former interior designer, made in Portugal, inspired from the skied of Mediterranean, handcrafted of Limoges porcelain with 24 kt. gold details, it is also beautified with a mixture of hand painting and decals. For a more feminine desk which will inspire grace and good taste this is a perfect desk set.


Because you definitely have some interesting expensive books on your desk or on shelves you need a bookend not only to sustain them but because it gives a more extravagant look to your entire desk and office. I found this Brass Dog Bookends created by Regina-Andrew Design, which inspires modernity, art and take care of your beloved books. It is made of brass and marble.


When you are working at the computer or with a lot of documents, rings can become an impediment therefore you need to put them in a safe place because you don’t want to lost any of them. I am sore they would be very expensive of an  spiritual importance. And because it is not enough to put them in a safe place you have to put them in a place from where to find them quickly this Jonathan Adler Brass Elephant Ring Bowl, it is the perfect thing for your desk. It is handcrafted and looks very lovely and charming.


It is important to put your own personality on your desk because you will feel more comfortable and full on new incredible ideas so search for the most beautiful and unique desk accessories.