Expensive cruise holidays

A luxurious cruise is a great way to spend your holiday


Cruises are a perfect opportunity to see new cities and exotic countries while having a great time traveling to those destinations. And the best way to travel is without a doubt in luxury. An expensive cruise will be your best option when choosing your journey, an expensive cruise means luxury and comfort.

Even if the most important part is the journey not the destination, it’s best to do a bit of sightseeing whenever you travel to a new place, so take your time and stay for a few days at your destination.

The ships that you find when booking an expensive cruise holiday are newer, bigger and more luxurious than the regular ships. You also have more space, better food and ultimately a better time during the sail. There are many options out there depending on how much are you willing to spend and where in the world do you want to go. cruise

If you are willing to spend £1million per couple, you will have the time of your life with this amazing cruise at Six Star Cruises. This holiday will last 142 days and you’ll be visiting 28 countries. This will guarantee that you will not only enjoy your ride but also see some amazing countries. You will definitely travel in the most luxurious way possible because this expensive cruise offers you helicopter transport, private jet flights, a royal suite, the best caviar, Dom Perignon Rosi champagne, appetizing 10 course menu design by some of the best chefs and a few days of pre-cruising and post-cruising at some amazing hotels in Los Angeles and Miami. The ship itself has enough space for 382 guests and 302 crew members, it has a restaurant and a luxury spa. This cruise is actually called the millionaire’s holiday and it will certainly live up to it’s name. But if one million pounds is too much for you, there are other more affordable cruises offered by Six Star Cruises.

You don’t have to spend a million to get an luxury cruise. Some other interesting offers that are still very lavish and expensive are: Southampton to Southampton, a 121 day cruise that passes through a multitude of cities including cities from Asia and Australia, you can enjoy this holiday for £138,649 per person.

New York to Southampton, a126 Day Cruise on Queen Mary 2 for £151,949 per person is another awesome holiday cruise, luxurious rooms and great food while visiting Tenerife, Melbourne, Dubai, Hong Kong and many more.

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