Emirates Flight Experience

Emirates Flight offers you an ultimate luxury experience of flying.


Talking about flying and having ultimate experiences in the sky, let’s take a look at how Emirates Fly services look like and how would you be treated if you choose to buy a ticket here.

If you choose an Emirate A380 flight you have to know that all Emirates A380 aircraft are equipped with private suites, first class of course, which transform the flight in a more fine experience.

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Emirates fly has a unique first class lounge with a Cigar Bar, a Le Clos wine cellar, showers, quite rooms which include blankets and chaise lounges. Those who choose to have a first class flight will be offer a complimentary chauffeur drop-off at the airport.

There are 14 private first-class suites, arranged in 1-2-1 configuration, fully seats to 201 cm in length each of them having proper mattresses. You will be able to control the seat movements via tablet, and staff will explain you how to do it. Each sit has a table and a lamp, a fold-away mirror and vanity kit, personal mini mar, a writing set, newspapers and magazines. You will also receive slippers and snack boxes between meals.

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In what concerns the food you will experience sumptuous a la carte cuisine which taste even better than in restaurants. Every bite will be a scent of another world. Everything is cooked with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. The food will be served from Royal Doulton bone china plates. Every meal must be accompanied by selected wines, champagne, finest beers or spirits and maybe a hot drink.

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First class passengers have showers and dressing areas. You will be permitted 30 minutes in one of the two on board spa suites, 5 minutes in the hot shower. The bathroom is equipped with heated flooring, Emirates Timeless Spa toiletries, hair dryer, large towels and Bulgari eau de parfume.

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