Dubai’s most expensive Ice Cream

Be amazed by the most expensive ice cream in the world!

most expensive ice cream

We all love ice cream especially when the weather is very hot and we need something sweet and refreshing. Without ice cream Summers would be too boring and too hot, so Ice Cream is a savior. This marvelous dessert could be the most precious invention humans ever made and the fact that comes in different flavors and colors is even better.

Children and grown ups dream about ice cream and will be their first choice every time it’s about dessert.

Most of the people claim that Italian Gelatto is the best ice cream in the world with no terms of comparison and I would had agree with them until this new unusual more than tasty ice cream appeared.

Well, the most expensive ice cream in the world which will leave you with no imagination at all after you taste it, which will revolutionize your tastes and desires, which will make you scream for more it is found in…. Dubai.

Dubai’s most expensive ice cream in the world is something beyond imagination.

It is called BLACK DIAMOND and it is served in a cafe named Scoopi Cafe, located on Jumeirah Beach Road. This ice cream breaks any record at the most expensive ice-cream scoop in the world, claims media. The price is just unbelievably high:  Dhs3,000 or $817 for a scoop. Just one, a little one but that little one is like you taste desserts from Heaven.

But why it is so expensive a scoop of ice cream?


Well let’s have a glimpse at the receipt: most high-price ingredients on the market are mixed with 23 carat edible gold which is sprinkled on top of it, for a luxurious look. This ice cream is not made with an ordinary vanilla but with vanilla taken from Madagascar and this vanilla encounters one of the most expensive Iranian saffron and because more is always better, it is beautified with slices of black Italian truffle. Just imagine how it looks and then try to imagine how it tastes. You will never be able until your really try it, and from what people say, this ice cream is something you must taste in your life.

Until it became so famous this ice cream stood for five weeks without knowing somebody about its marvelous flavors and aspect. And because it is not enough to just eat an ice cream but it is important from what you eat it, this marvel is served in a Versace bowl with a Versace spoon and the greatest news is that you can keep both of them after you finished.

I’m starting to believe that this ice cream is really the best thing ever happened to human king!

Dear ladies and gentlemen I invite you to live the experience of this ice cream and then please come back and tell us how it felt!