Dubai’s Greatest Cinemas

Experience the world of cinemas


We all choose to go to cinema when the weather is cold and we want to hide in a comfortable place enjoying a great movie with our friends, family or we want to take out a beautiful lady or if it’s too warm than we definitely go to a cinema to cool a little.

We also choose the best cinemas when a Premiere is on because we want to enjoy the movie at its best. 

Dubai’s greatest cinemas are without question wonderful and special and if you didn’t visit them yet now it’s time to take a look.

Grand Metroplex is a cinema with personality and it’s for sure a wonderful cinema to go at the Metropolitan Hotel. This cinema has small screening rooms with incredible comfortable seats which make you feel like home. The best thing about this cinema is that if you order a hot god this is served in an elegant plate with some delicious fries. Inside the cinema you will find a shisha cafe perfect for commenting the movie.


This week you should definitely go to a movie at Extreme Screen at Mirdif City Centre where you will be amazed by a huge screen of 66 ft wide. You can enjoy a 3D movie and you will have a unique and fun experience.


Another outstanding experience would be The Picturehouse at Reel Cinemas at Dubai Mall which is phenomenal. The first mainstream arthouse cinema screen a champions world and independent films. Here you can enjoy movies that are not usually cast like Iranian semi-documentary No One Knows About Persian Cats or BAFTA-winning Brit Indie Moon.


Movies Under the Stars it is loved for the al-fresco theme and every Sunday you can watch a movie for free. While you watch an interesting movie you can taste some bean bag or scoff hot munchies or maybe you are more a nachos person, pizza or burgers.


Dive-in Movies always come with something new and entertaining for example last year at The Montgomerie in Emirates Hills people watched double bills movie in a swimming pool from an inflatable chair, isn’t it that great?


IMAX at Ibn Battuta is the only IMAX in Dubai where you go to see the latest CGI- heavy blockbuster. It has the biggest screen in the city, 44ft high and 70ft wide, this place is always full with people because offers a remarkable cinema experience. Avatar was screened for 4 months because of the screen’s quality.


Gold Class is a luxurious cinema specially created for those who want class even from their movies. The is a high-class cinema where only wealthy people come. Cushy leather recliners were chosen instead of standard seats, you have your personal staff which will give you blankets and will take your food or drinks order. So yes this is the jewel in the crown.


So Dubai has managed to impress us again with uniqueness and elegance in what concerns cinemas. Make sure you taste this experience.