Dubai Miracle Garden

The biggest flower garden in the world : Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden | Gulf Luxury

The Dubai Miracle Garden is home for over 45 million flowers, with over a 72,000 sq meter site this is the world’s largest natural flower garden and winner of the Best Modern Alternative Garden in Seven Wonders in Ancient World.

This magnificent garden has opened it’s gates for the public in February 20013 and now has become one of the biggest attractions in Dubai with over 30,000 visitors in weekends alone. And it’s no surprise because a flower garden in the middle of the desert is something never heard of before. The Dubai Miracle Garden has the record in Guinness Book of Records for the longest wall of flowers. Not only that but the beautiful decorations with sculptures made from flowers that are placed all over the garden are a must see if you are visiting the UAE. The flower decorations will change every season so you can visit it multiple times without getting tired of it. How can you get tired of such beauty?

The multitude of colors and aromas from 45 different type of flowers make this garden one of the best places to take a walk with family and friends, away from the city and into paradise. Because of the amount of plants being shipped from all over the world, the garden has actually impacted the natural climate and within the garden itself the air is fresher and cooler not only that but it seams that the flowers and trees protect the visitors from sandstorms which is absolutely amazing if you want too cool off and relax away from the heat and sand. You have all the facilities you might need including open parking, VIP parking, shops, sitting areas, handicapped facilities etc. And many more new attractions to be opened very soon like a children’s playing area, the already famous butterfly garden, an international garden, restaurants and many more.

The Miracle Garden is temporally closed, but it will open again during this fall. It’s usually open all year round every day from 9am to 9pm during weekdays and 9am to 11pm during weekends. The regular entrance is 30 AED and free for children under 3 years old and people with disabilities. The garden is located in Al Barsha South 3, Barsha in Dubailand and it is truly one of a kind.