Dubai city break guide

The best time to visit Dubai and the places you have to visit in your short break.


If you are planning a Dubai city break, you need to know a few essentials to make the best of your vacation no mater how short is.

The best time to visit Dubai is November to March, the rest of the time the weather can be pretty hot and humid. January is a rainy month but still better than the summer depending what you want to do in the city. Summer is the cheapest time to visit because of the heat that usually goes over 40 degrees Celsius but if you like the heat and the sun, you shouldn’t exclude  June to September. All the malls, restaurants, buses etc. have air condition.

You can get to Dubai by plane and once you are there, taxis, buses or private transport are waiting for you and can take you to anywhere in the city.

Keep in mind that Dubai is an Islamic state and there are different laws and customs that need to be respected. You have to dress respectfully keeping most of the body covered, for men and especially for women. Doing otherwise is very offensive to the locals and it might even have serious consequences. Other things to take into consideration is not to show affection in public with the opposite sex, especially during Ramadan, don’t be rude and don’t swear in public no mater how angry you are. Don’t drink in public and don’t walk drunk in public, instead take a taxi directly to your hotel room from the bar.

Where to stay ? Hotels are very easy to find.  If you want a luxurious resort, try the One&Only Royal Mirage wit rooms from £175 or even the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah if you find something available. For something a bit more economical you can try Al Manzil with doubles starting from £117.

Among the things that you have to visit are the world’s tallest building, 825m-high Burj Khalifa it offers amazing views of the city and The Dubai Mall is also a must, it’s not only for shopping, although here you can find all the luxury brands, the Mall also hosts a high end cinema and an amazing Aquarium with more than 33,000 living animals. Dubai also has very beautiful beaches and deserts.

Delicious food is also easy to find in Dubai , luxury restaurants offer traditional and international dishes. Reflets par Pierre Gagnaire at the InterContinental Dubai  is a great choice, it has French Michelin-starred chef Pierre Gagnaire that will make some extravagant dishes. For a traditional atmosphere Tagine at the One&Only Mirage has great Arabic food.