Dior Nail Polish

Once you try Dior you will dream only Dior.


Dior has a fantastic repute in what concerns luxury and high quality items, including its nail polish  which women adore.

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Dior nail polish is ultra-shiny, long wear and phenomenal gel shape. After you discover Dior range you will be enchanted forever. The alluring shades that team true color with professional results and the experts brush that make your nails look like you’ve just been to a salon.

DIORIFIC STATE OF GOLD: is perfect for an extravagant night out with scintillating platinum and gold glitter. Your nails already feel luxurious. Don’t be afraid to take a generous drop with the brush and apply the polish carefully. Treat the Dior nail polish like it would be a jewel.

dior nail polish diorific gulf luxury

COUTURE COLOUR, GEL SHINE, LONG WEAR: This is the new generation Dior Vernis with its ingenious formula that makes it brilliant. It is softer than before, longer and flat with a rounded tip. If you have a Dior Vernis brush than the application will be flawless.

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dior nail polish red gulf luxury

Dior Vernis  MÉTAL MONTAIGNE: The couture collection presents you the iconic shades emblematic of Dior. Fashion is redefined and you can’t resists to this shade.

Dior Metal Montaigne Nail Polish gulf luxury

Start searching for Diorific and Dior Vernis and see the difference. Beside feeling even more luxurious you will feel confident and full of class because Dior knows what women want when it’s about their nail polish.

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It is obvious you can’t go wrong with a Dior nail polish.