Diamond Manicure


Women know that diamonds are something we desire despite everything. Diamonds remain the most needed thing because if expresses beauty and power.

Diamonds must be worn every time and on everything we can. Even on our nails, because it looks wonderful and attract everyone’s attention.

Kelly Osbourne wore a $1million diamond manicure, wearing an AZATURE manicure which was outrageously incredible. It looked just amazing and made her fingers look longer and thinner which is exactly every woman wants.

Azature is the most expensive nail polish in the world, is about luxury and refinement. Azature created a collection which contains a diamond in every bottle. Because Azature had always had a desire for jewelry, he put his creativity to the limit and designed something people call marvelous.

To be more sublime this nail polish has an accent of sensibility and sensuality which can’t be found in another nail polish because it is unique in each aspect.

Having your nails done with a polish which contains diamonds, surely makes a difference because the sparkling is something you can’t see at any other polish, giving the impression of a queen’s hands and your entire body will feel more confident and sensual.

If you try Azature blue, you must wear it with a long dress made especially for you at an important dinner or party. Try to choose a simple long dress because the blue polish will be the centre of attention.

If you are looking for something else, you can try The Black Diamond Manicure, which is infused with real black diamonds. You must wear this nail polish with confidence combined with sensuality and delicacy, because it is already made to give the impression of greatness and power. The polish lasts until 4 weeks and is made with natural products for your safety. Give yourself a glamorous look and be envied by all your other girlfriends, because this polish was created for women like you.

Of course you can always have a manicure with literally small diamonds applied on your nails. You must be careful not to carry things which can break your beautiful nails.

When you are a woman who wants the best for her you can’t limit yourself to a commonly, everyday manicure. You are a rare diamond so wear diamonds. Make your diamond manicure be an everyday manicure!