Cruise Packing

For a wonderful vacation make sure you pack everything you need.

cruise packing

A cruise is a very important event which for some people, packing can become a factor of stress, but it is very important to learn a little about your cruise’s themes and then you can be more logic when you start selecting what to take or not with you.

First of all think about what suitcase would be more easy to carry. I would definitely think of a suitcase on wheels which is easier to handle and taking into consideration the fact that it will become heavier after you put all your things on it, a wheels suitcase it’s the best choice.


Clothes: Maybe for most of the people this part is the most difficult. First of all find out if your cruise requires a specifically dress code or not, then think about what will you be visiting during the cruise, take into consideration that you might want to get out on a fancy restaurant for an elegant dinner, or maybe you want to party a little. Make sure you have proper clothes for pool and outdoor walks and what it’s very important is to know that in the evening the weather can be chilly. Don’t forget about jewelry and accessories which must be matched with your clothes, this is available for your shoes too. If you think that you might want to have a nice day at spa or at the gym pick some clothes for these too.

Toiletries: most of the cabin are already packed with these but if you think that your favorite ones won’t be there make sure you select the best ones and bring them with you.

Take into consideration that maybe you have to limit you luggage to 2 suitcases per person so select the most important things you can’t live without.

Travel Documents are extremely important so make sure you have a hand bag. The most important ones are:  ID-card, travel insurance, money, credit card, flight/train tickets and your boarding papers. Check carefully if you have them all and put them in safe place on your cabin.


To assure yourself  that you won’t forget anything make a Packing List and put it in a visible place. 

Maybe it will be a good idea to save some room in your suitcase for souvenirs and any other things you might buy from your cruise.

An easy forgettable thing is your phone charger so make sure you put it on your luggage because we all know how important is our phone.

These are the most important things to take into consideration before going on a cruise, so for a wonderful vacation make sure you check them all. Have a wonderful time! 


Cruise packing is very important so make sure you check everything before you start your vacation.