Creative USB Designs

Let's combine technology with style and be amazed by the result!


We live in a world of technology. Everywhere we look we see technology which can’t wait to enter in our lives. But we also want to mix technology with style, this is our favorite thing to do because we are people of style and fashion.

So what happens when we mix technology with stylish USB designs? The result is something amazingly nice and seems work becomes more interesting and why not funnier.

In the name of technology and style, today I will present you some of the most creative USB Designs that you would love to have.

  • Ninja Shuriken USB. This USB is fun and practical of course. We store important files and documents on a USB and when it comes in this shape the risk to forget it somewhere is impossible. It even has a necklace to assure you of not forgetting or misplacing it. I think this USB would be a lovely gift for a member of your family or an employee or why not your boss. It is unique and somehow elegant.

USB gulf luxury

  • Keychain Brown Leather USB Flash Drive. This is definitely an USB for men who want everything they own to come in style. This particular one is made of high quality materials and will easy your work and it will also look fantastic on your keys.

Keychain-Brown-Leather-USB-Flash-Drive gulf luxury

  • Brinell Stick Single-action Flash Drive. This USB is an example of those elegant USBs which you want to have in your collection. It expresses innovation and extravagance. It is a unique piece different from everything it’s on the market. It has an ingenious single-action mechanism, the enclosed plug connector is simply activated by your….fingertip! There is no need for a protective cap. A more impressive thing is that it has a fast data transfer with USB 3.0 up to 90MB/s.

Brinell-Stick-Single-action-Flash-Driveg USB gulf luxury

  • Leather Wrist Band Shape USB Flash Drive. This one comes in a form of a bracelet and it is one of the most high quality USB flash drives ever made. It is designed of high quality material, perfect for those who tend to forget their USB. The moving or transferring videos, music, photos and so on, from computer to computer or any other devices, has never been easier.

creative USB gulf luxury

There are so many other examples of creative USB devices but these ones I thought there were the most elegant and I couldn’t wait to share them with you. Enjoy!