Celebrities who Love Gambling

Not only ordinary people can loose at gambling, celebrities do it too!


Many of us like gambling and many of us spend huge amounts of money on gambling because it is purely adrenaline and the feeling of winning makes us powerful.

Well there are also some celebrities who love gambling and they do it in style. It seems that even women have a passion for gambling, me personally no but some of the famous women we easily recognize on the street like gambling.

So let’s take a look what celebrities are so into gambling:

John McCain who almost become the 45th President of United States seems to like gambling. He is a war veteran who suffered long years of abuse at the hands of his North Vietnamese captors. He is full of charisma, but he has a history of high gambler and because of this he wasn’t elected as president. He is known to play 24 hours without stopping.

John-McCain gambling gulf luxury

Jennifer Tilly who is a famous actress nominated for Oscar because of her performance in Woody Allen’s Bullets Over Broadway. She also provides the voice of Bonnie Swanson on the famous Family Guy show. She is also famous for Bond, Liar Liar, Let it Ride and Monsters Inc. Her second big passion is gambling and winning money by playing poker. She even won the WPT Ladies’ Invitational and the Bellagio Cup and was named Celebrity Poker Player of the Year by CardPlayer.com The fact that her boyfriend is an Irish poker gamer player might influenced her.

 “Aren’t looking at my pair, they’re looking at their pair. Nothing looks better to those guys than a pair of aces.”

jenifer gambling gulf luxury

Michael Jordan seems to be good at so many things including winning a fortune on gambling. Of course he also lost an enormous amount of money, it is hard to say how much. It seems the sum is big enough to make it a legend of excessive gambler. He was even exiled from a game.

“I’ve gotten myself into gambling situations where I’ve pushed the envelope,” he’d later “It’s very embarrassing.”

Michael-Jordan gambling gulf luxury

The Queen. You look at her and you can’t never imagine her gambling, or doing anything like that, but she is in love with gambling. She owns a vast stable of thoroughbreds and she has a particular smile for when her horses come in. This is actually hereditary, her mother also loved to bet, she was known for being a little bit irresponsible when it was about betting. People want to think Her Majesty knows what she’s doing.

queen gampling
queen gambling

George Clooney the amazing actor wants to feel real adrenaline so he developed a thing for gambling while he shot Ocean’s Eleven in Sin City. He wants to enjoy himself in Las Vegas but sadly he is famous for loosing not winning.

George-Clooney gambling gulf luxury